Live Like Bella!

Live Like BellaIt’s Hump Day Everyone!

Yes, we’ve made it to mid-week again, and, it is the first week of June 2013, which is like the halfway mark for the year … that’s right … this New Year 2013!! How are things going? I don’t know about you but sometimes things get “crazy”, so to speak. You know, you’re doing your best and things seem to be going okay … then …. BAM!!! Surprise! Surprise! Surrr-prise! What could go wrong goes wrong!!!

Then, when things are not going so well, I get into a “spiritual funk”, so to speak! I mean, I have been places that I hope I NEVER see again, and, there are people that I hope I NEVER see again! Just being honest, ’cause “Johnny don’t need no negativity in his life!”, if you catch my drift. There is always something negative going on because that is human nature, once we’ve been socialized! Interestingly, having studied and taught sociology, I never ever saw a chapter on spirituality …. peace be still!

So, admittedly, I went to bed last night after trying to re-organize some of my limited finances with a “not-so-good” feeling. It is hard to have a “pity party” by yourself and at home alone, and, with the spiritual knowledge I have attained over the years. So, I sought out a topic, an issue, a situation to focus on … and … BAM! On the late night news came a story of Bella Rodriguez-Torres whose father and many many others were shaving their heads to show their support for “Baby Bella” and all the children who are suffering from childhood cancer. Now, I believe in timing … hearing what you need to hear when you need to hear it. I also believe in paying attention to that quiet voice inside each of us that usually gets drowned out by all kinds of trips, from money to loneliness, power to sex, combined with life’s omnipresent challenges. So, in my quiet time this morning, I choose to “Live Like Bella” did!


John I. Cook, Director

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