Goal Setting

Goal SettingHappy Friday, All!

A simple T.G.I.F. will suffice … followed by a weekend … perhaps with a day or two of good weather. While the hurricane season officially starts in the next few days, a storm or two has already been spotted in the Pacific area. Weather analysts predict that this season, over the Atlantic anyway, may be a “doozy” with more storms than in an average season. In the aftermath and continued clean up of weather related emergencies from Oklahoma to Texas right on down to Key West Florida, it might be wise to start planning for this upcoming hurricane season.

I remember when I was in elementary school, my father was always on top of me for getting my homework done …. BEFORE I went outside to play with my friends. Of course, there were no video games or cell phone games and X-boxes then, so us kids played marbles and jump rope, hung from “jungle gyms” and shot baskets in the “Big Playground”, played on swings and even had our own foot relay races there in the middle of “The Projects” where we had a big grassy field similar to a football field with trees around each end. We played football there as well … both touch and tackle! There was always a lot to do … Yet, my dad’s long term goal for me was to finish public school, maybe go to college or get a job, at least. So, goal setting was something deeply engrained in The Cook Family lifestyle … peace be still!

When I taught high school, I always had my students outline the chapter for homework so that we could have an intelligent discussion in class. I went to each student’s desk where I would check the outlines – one by one – of each of the 30 students, and, even give them a marginal grade that could bring their test averages up … or down. I made it count, so, in my own way, I was helping them set goals of getting a good grade in my class. Many students earned them while very few did not. Even nowadays, as I seek to take Educational Excellence to the next level looking to procure a “501(c)3” tax exempt status, I find myself completing multiple assignments.

A goal may just be a dream . . . until you write it down. Once written down, we now have something tangible to focus on and we may begin our step by step charting towards any given goal!

Wishing each of us a wonderful weekend, and, may your goals leave the dream state so that they may take on a life of their own, of course, with your help and guidance. Thanks for your support and interest, which is certainly one of my goals!


John I. Cook, Director

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