Happy Memorial Day Weekend 2013

Mem 2013Yes, it’s Friday again …

T.G.I.F.! But this one is a Memorial Day Weekend Friday … not just any old Friday, you dig?!

Waking up today, I feel extra special just to live in a country where there is so much honor for the United States Military though it is sometimes questionable what “we” do abroad in other countries. Our story as a nation is relatively short in comparison to the nations of Western and Eastern Europe, Asia, Africa and South America. Much of what we owe our “history” to is somewhat of a gift from the Amerinds or Native Americans who inhabited this land long before the Europeans arrived in the late 1400’s. Perhaps, we have managed to do a lot in this short history, including learning to “protect” ourselves from foreign invasions. Yet, like most “empires”, much of our focus has become that of thwarting internal invasions from those un-happy folks within our borders.

Here in South Florida, Miami in particular, we have a dual celebration commonly called “Urban Beach Weekend”, which has already started. South Beach in particular becomes an area where rappers and their fans populate the beaches, the clubs, the restaurants …. yep, and the hotels! It is a time of fun and frolic, prosperity and partying. Interesting to me that it is held simultaneous to Memorial Day Weekend. Last year here in SoFlo, there was a vicious attack of a homeless man, Popov, by another South Floridian, Mr. Eugene, who had apparently attacked the former because he was purportedly under the influence of “bath salts”, a street drug that had become popular for a short while here. Eugene was shot and killed as he refused to stop taunting police as he strode naked near the body of his victim whose face and eyes he had nearly eaten …. Peace be still …

As we celebrate this nation’s military, may we not forget that this weekend is indeed a memorial to this nation’s exceptional service persons and the fact that up until now, have kept this land relatively safe for the “American way of life”. As well, may we acknowledge our nation’s president – Barack Obama – and his efforts to continue to lead our country in some positive directions. In memorial to our history, which is often controversial, may we enjoy this weekend and all the good that it may bring each one of us. May we celebrate in peace!


John I. Cook, Director

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