Happy Birthday, Marietta Dolores … R. I. P.

Mom's BirthdayHappy Monday, All!

If you are anything like me … you at least tried to have a great weekend! I know that I certainly tried … keeping it simple still … and it all worked out. I was just thinking how much destruction the people in Texas faced due to horrific weather last week, and over the weekend, the people in Oklahoma had their hands full of tornado infested weather. Sending out some healing thoughts for them from here …

Each year around this time, and, in particular on this day, I am always honoring my mother, Marietta Dolores. She was born on May 20th, 1917, in the Tampa area near a small town called Lake City. The location changes as she got older and one can see where her mother, Grand Ma Sally, got her name. Her early childhood was spent there in Ybor City, FL, which is an area with purportedly much Cuban American/Spanish influence. Thusly, she was named Marietta Dolores Watkins. Upon her marriage to my father, Isaac H. Cook (RIP), she proudly became “Mrs. Cook” … and she emphasized that she was a “Mrs.”! That was one example of how they openly displayed their love and commitment to each other, which lasted 50 years until my father’s death over 20 years ago. She died eight years ago after falling in her mini-apartment inside my sister’s home which was in Lauderdale Lakes, FL aka Ft. Lauderdale … just a separate division of it. Due to the darkness of Hurricane Wilma, she was unable to get around as the hurricane window coverings remained down shortly after the storm had passed through and interrupted the power in homes everywhere here. She fell …. apparently, bumped her head on the floor with the fall, and, her brain began to bleed internally unbeknownst to my sister and her family.

Though they, my sister’s family, immediately attended to her since she had yelped with the fall that brought them to her side and helped her back into bed, the coumadin she was taking to thin her blood and prevent clotting or a heart attack caused the internal bleeding in her brain to go unnoticed until she was unresponsive the next day. They took her to Florida Memorial Hospital. She never regained consciousness, and, after remaining in a coma for several days, we decided to “Let Her Go Home” at the hospice facility there in that same hospital. While there, we visited her often. I, in particular, was the last one to see her before her breath expired in her hospice bed just an hour after I had departed her room to go home and prepare for work the next day. It was like 2am November 6th, 2005. The love she has shown for me still permeates my existence. Even today, my bedroom is decorated with pictures of her, her trip to Israel and some personal effects like a walking cane and a powder baby-blue blanket of hers that I keep close to me in memory of her. Within my heart, I keep a passion for my Creator, a love of people and a spiritual caring for myself … and others! Namaste, Momma …

I am my mother’s son … in many many more ways than one may know! So, I honor her birth today, as I will for the rest of my life.

Love you, Mom …

John I. CookEmoji, Director

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