Not On My Watch!

Not On My WatchHappy Friday, All!

Here we are facing another weekend! How grand! While it is an opportunity to hopefully do some fun things, may we also take the opportunity to keep things in order in “our own houses”, so to speak.

Okay, so … does anyone want to trade places with President Obama?! I mean, from all of the criticism he gets, it should be easy to find someone to replace him. Maybe even John Boehner and the “Boys” might want more than “for someone to go to jail” after the purported scandal that recently cast a negative shadow over the IRS and former director, Stephen T. Miller. Maybe they want the POTUS impeached!! Now, “that would learn him”, wouldn’t it!? Any candidates? Please forward your application to be the next president to your respective parties … for 2017! Wow! That’s a long way off, isn’t it?

How about the DOJ’s Mr. Holder who has been accused of tapping coat rooms and pulling phone records for various entities to “keep an eye on” unwanted activities?! As if, the Benghazi Scandal wasn’t enough for the POTUS to begin his second term in office. Of course, since he is the “POTUS”, all discipline flows from his office. He has selected a new head for the IRS after requesting Miller’s resignation upon the releasing of records indicating that certain “non-profit” Tea Party affiliated organizations were targeted by the IRS unfairly, and, perhaps, illegally! Now, there are hearings on Mr. Holder’s practices at the Department of Justice and even more “illegal” activities.

Now, “we” here at EE usually stay away from political issues as well as religious ones because each person is entitled to his or her opinion, under the constitution of the USA, freedom of speech … and I could go on and on. Yet, I choose not to at this point because it is not “our” main concern. We are a more spiritual entity that focuses on individual growth, understanding and highlighting those human ( or super human!) values that may contribute to the longevity of human civilization as a whole. Imagine having to deal with what Mr. Obama is dealing with right now … “on HIS watch”? Some would blame him … others would realize that while he is NOT responsible for others behaviour no more than I am of anyone else’s behaviour, nor anyone else’s responsibility for my behaviour … and blame the individuals themselves for their behaviour. Yet, I could only imagine what type of sleepless nights the Commander in Chief must be experiencing during this tumultuous second term!

Peace be with our President … and with each of us as we continue along this journey … together!


John I. Cook, Director

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