Find Your Flow

Your FlowHappy Hump Day, All!

Now, I am not sure about each of you but my spirit is feeling the ebbs and lulls of life … nothing to complain about … but I feel it. Some years back as I sat one of my major demons of the physical realm down in the corner, I had to learn how to handle that uneasy feeling one gets when seeking a solution to serious circumstances, sometimes called problems! I like to choose my words wisely today upon realizing how much impact they have on how I view my circumstances, you dig?!

Much of what I learned was to “flow”. One or two weeks ago in an article, I dealt with the concept of going with the flow … mentioned how drugs had come into The Projects where I grew up and how my father did everything in his power to keep me away from certain elements that were flowing through our community. There are times when one should NOT go with the flow and one needs to be able to recognize those situations. Yet, there is a fluidity to life … the natural order of things … being like water even! Many things in our lives, including our lives, flow. One of my favorite places is the beach because of the water. I have a small aquarium, just the right size to “fit” my flat, because I like the flow of water, as do my two Tiger Oscars who live there! I watch them often, which is one of the reasons I like fish as pets … because they are always flowing.

“Too often, we men (and women!) have lived with a single answer to every situation: win. We saw our friendships in competitive terms, so we couldn’t let our guard down. We looked at life as a challenge to be conquered rather than something to be enjoyed. Therefore, our first impulse was to fight and come out a winner.”

The previous quote is from one of my favorite books with anecdotes called “TOUCHSTONES”. It has served as one of my spiritual “bibles” and I return to it from time to time. It was one of the tools I used to get a demon out of my life and into the corner where it still sits and waits! Yet, I have chosen to embrace spirituality, flow with the vision and mission bestowed upon me by my Creator. There were times when I hit “walls”, had to turn corners, and occasionally just lie “there” for a moment and lick my wounds and regroup before getting up again. It has become a way of life for me … the flow thing … and, perhaps, one might find solace, peace, tranquility and even the love of life by embracing such a spiritual axiom, if you will.

“If you can’t fight and you can’t flee, flow.” – Robert Eliot

Don’t miss out on how it may feel to walk away from a fight … especially a fight with oneself.


John I. Cook, Director

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