Make It Last!

human familyHappy Monday, All!

Wouldn’t it be beautiful if everyday could be Mother’s Day? How about Father’s Day? Let’s not forget Children’s Day!! Why don’t we just make everyday “Human Day”? … and make it last?!

One of the things I took from my life experiences was to make everyday a holiday … a celebration of “Life”! I know we get caught up in scientific discoveries, which is a good thing, as well as technological progress, not to mention financial woes. Somehow … for some reason … we haven’t fully embraced human spiritual existence and advancement. Now, being an armchair philosopher from “back in the day”, I have often pondered human spiritual development and what it may hold for us … should we embrace its lessons in human history. This whole journey that “WE” are on pretty much together has not been designed by us humans, though we often try to superimpose our human wills on the natural course of world events. This is why Educational Excellence and I have become so fond of organizations like the Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University, Big Brothers/Big Sisters, Boys and Girls Clubs and The Urban Leagues … to stay in touch with human spiritual development from a grass roots level, if you will!

Yesterday was a beautiful day as I felt my mother’s presence all day long. When I awoke, thank God, I sent as many messages carrying the “Happy Mother’s Day” ingredients as I could. This is what my mother would want me to do. Perhaps, it was just my imagination. Yet, I felt her presence with me all day … I felt her spirit telling me to go outside and mingle with friends and NOT be sad … so I did! The heaviness was lifted and I took her on a tour of my favorite Sunday spots, including The Beach here in Fort Lauderdale. Something about water that draws humans to its shores … to listen to the sound of waves … and take note of its powerfulness on the Earth … and enjoy its beauty! It was very special as I stopped at different places sharing her spirit and her love with those I know and those I met.

In hunkering down at home for the evening, I watched “60 Minutes”, which featured a couple of top notch stories including the one about an American woman who was rescued in an area of Africa that was torn by internal terrorism. Still, the most impacting story for me was the one about “The Bill Gates Foundation”. This was truly a powerful story based on one human taking his billions of dollars that he earned on his journey here on Earth … and give it away to those who suffer each day from unclean water, lack of medical treatment and basic human necessities, like toilets for example. I don’t know if any of you saw the story or know of the “Foundation”, but, I was impressed by his passion, which his father, who also appeared on the segment, shares with his son. It was another one of those “feel good” stories which also appears to have an important impact on humanity. Let’s see if we can make some of these important things last … like human civilization. Yet, we must be aware of the fact that it all depends on how us humans decide to take the knowledge we gain and implement it to enhance the true nature of this journey for human kind.

Have a great day, a wonderful week … and … make it last!


John I. Cook, Director

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