Happy Mother’s Day Weekend!

Mother's DayHappy Friday, All!

One has got to be grateful for ones life today, if one is able to get up, rise and bask in the light of another day, especially if it’s Friday … and the Friday of Mother’s Day Weekend! The interesting thing is that all around us, there are reasons to be grateful … cheerful even!

Mother’s Day has been pretty tough for me these past eight years since my mother’s passing. I do know of many many friends whose mothers have also passed, so I am sure that you can relate. The concept of a mother is one of a person not only who bore the burden of carrying a newborn for nine months in her own body, but also a person who unconditionally cares for her children. This last trait usually carries over into their personal lives, as one friend of our family from the Projects in White Plains – Georgetta Kent – always demonstrated upon seeing my mother by calling her “Mother Cook”! Those words in Georgetta’s greeting still echo in my head. Now, we all know that there are some mothers who don’t quite fit the bill, so to speak, of the nurturing type. Yet, perhaps they deserve some credit for bringing another human being into this world. This is a unique biological characteristic of a “mother”.

As I prepare today to send off some paper work to have a “new” bronze plaque placed on my mother’s grave at the Kensico Cemetery in Valhalla, NY, I have to mention and thank a friend from White Plains whom I met in elementary school at the Ridgeway School where many of us from the Projects were “voluntarily” bused as the City sought to end segregated schools in our fair city. Thank you Robert Andrew Schulman for your generous contribution to Educational Excellence, which allows me to be able to have her finally, officially and formally buried! With friends like these, who cares about enemies!

May you enjoy your “mothers”, be they here … or there, and always keep them in your heart. A very special shout out to ALL my “lady” friends who are alive and well … and are mothers, too! You know who you are. Love youse!

Namaste my friends!

Peace and Love,

John I. Cook, Director

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