Never Give Up Hope . . . Ever!

human spiritHappy Hump Day, All … especially for the three girls rescued in Cleveland, OH! Just a day or two ago, a friend had posted something on a social network about this month being “Teacher Appreciation Week” … so … Kudos to ALL those teachers who helped to make a difference in some young or more mature person’s life! Hip Hip … Hooray!

We’ve heard talk about international “white slavery rings”, haven’t we?! Most of us now know that this type of thing goes on right here in the USA … maybe Cleveland, OH even!! For me, this is one of the funniest “feel good” events that have happened in a while. I mean, the dead terrorist from the Boston Marathon Massacre can’t find a funeral home to hold a service or burial … of course, first of all because he is dead!!! But, no one wants to accommodate the family’s request for a funeral and burial here in the USA . . . Still, whilst there were many heroes still being celebrated for surviving those two blasts at the finish line of the race last month, we’ve discovered another more “home-brewed” styled hero in Cleveland … if you will. His name is Charles Ramsey. He has been on so many newscasts and beginning a talk show circuit where he tells his story over and over of how he saw a girl frantically screaming for help as he ate his McDonald’s meal next door. The girl was screaming from the neighbor’s house, Ariel Castro, and begging to be rescued. Ramsey’s story tells it all.

Yet, beneath the surface of this feel good story is the theme that also persisted in the survivors of the Boston Marathon Bombings as well as former Senator Gabriel Gifford’s story – “Never give up hope … ever!” Some of us may moan and complain about different situations in our lives, which is all well and good. But as survivors of the “Triangular Slave Trade” in this country as well as those who survived the Nazi murders of millions of humans as well already know, not to mention the tremendous spirit of Native Americans, we … I said WE … should never give up hope. Because of her survival skills, Amanda Berry is now “free” as well as two other girls who had been living essentially in a form of “white slavery” for an average of ten years! May we each utilize this event as a reminder that we, too, can overcome many obstacles … if we never give up hope … EVER!

Namaste … and peace!

John I. Cook, Director

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