Shooting at a Video Shoot …. and LeBron James, MVP-2013

Lebron MVPHappy Monday, All!

If you are reading this, that means that you survived the weekend and “Cinco de Mayo”! You know, sometimes, it is the “little things” that keep a smile on our faces! The weekend here was pretty nice weather wise, and I chose to enjoy it as much as I could … the great outdoors and stuff. How about each of you?!

This past week, I went in to a “fitness fit” and went to work out four times. My body felt good, though my arms were sore … and I think they still are. I mean, holding 220 lbs. in a plank position for yoga followed by a cobra pose, upward dog, back down into push up/plank position and finally “resting” in the downward dog multiple times can make the average arms sore!! Just saying … It was good for me as I work through planning a few projects, some personal and others professional. The NBA Playoffs continue and getting Comcast to finally connect the sports channels and cable in general was a chore. How do I miss the days when one could just turn the television on and change the channels, no “boxes”, remotes and assembly required!!

Yesterday was pretty festive as I got a jump start on the morning, streaming Calvary Chapel Service while the Comcast technician got the proper equipment (sheesh) installed so I can see the play-offs from home. After getting household chores done, I decided to go out and enjoy the Sunday SunTrust Jazz Brunch at the New River area in downtown Ft. Lauderdale. I met my sister, my great nephew, a good friend and his wife and lovely teenaged daughter … and a couple of their friends. A few of my sister’s friends were out there, too! The weather was simply scrumptious!!! Peace be still … Once I got home, turned on the last game of the play-offs and watched the news, I learned that “J-Lo” aka Jennifer Lopez was out on Ft. Lauderdale Beach completing a video shoot for something that she and Miami’s own “Pit Bull” are producing. Once it was done, according to police reports, some shots were fired near where the shoot was done, no one was hurt, “J-Lo” was said to have been in her trailer, no one was found at the scene nor being held for firing the shots.

In closing, I just wanted to mention and give a shout out to LeBron James for earning the MVP Title for the 2013 NBA Season again this year … “back to back”! To overcome so many obstacles growing up, finding his talent … and developing it into “Super Star Status” is no easy task. He is truly an example for me, especially his newly found humility as he wished for “15 MVP Trophies” to give to his teammates who helped make him the MVP Award Winner for 2013! How cool is that?!

Enjoy your day, and, your week.


John I. Cook, Director

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