Feel Good!

feel goodHappy Hump Day, All!

Can you believe that today is also the first day of May 2013, and, how do you feel? Most of the time when we greet someone over the course of our day, perhaps, and ask them, “How are you?”, the typical response is, “Oh I am fine, thanks! How are you?” Western culture doesn’t generally emphasize how we feel. I do recall some years ago “learning” how to let people know, usually a significant other, in a less accusatory fashion that something they may have done or said wasn’t cool for me … or … perhaps it was very cool! The lesson involved telling the other person how one “felt” as a result of their comments or behavior towards oneself. Rather than putting the responsibility on the “other person”, it is better to inform them how their behavior made you feel! Does anyone remember such an approach to “relationship building” or, in some cases, relationship repairing?

Well, the “feel good” story going around most recently in “the news”, if you will, was the first integrated prom held for Wilcox County High School there in Wilcox County, GA. I am sure you’ve heard by now. Most headlines read: “Almost 60 years after the Supreme Court ruling put an end to “separate but equal” in our nation’s schools, some students at Wilcox County High School hold their first integrated prom!” Interestingly enough, even after the town received publicity nation-wide, there were still some segregated prom parties held there simultaneously to the school sponsored student driven integrated prom! Believe it … or not!

Last night, I had the pleasure of chatting with one of my college chum’s sons, “AD” Hoffman. Adonis, the father and college chum, had mentioned that his son had a research project on a topic regarding Colombia, South America, and, since I had lived there for 5 years teaching English in Cali, I decided, upon Adonis’s prompting, to share some of my “true stories” of my time living there between 1990 and 1995. Now THAT made me feel good … not just chatting with Adonis who had visited Ft. Lauderdale last year, but also to communicate with his son regarding his university research project. I hope I was able to help some!

How do you feel today? Well, though it is usually something we don’t think about until it is “bad”, take a listen to your spirit and see what it is telling you! It (the spirit) lives inside each of us. Sometimes, we drown its voice out with “sex, drugs and alcohol”, even prescribed medications or power and money, and other times … we don’t even acknowledge “its” existence, since we live in a material world. Be well, and … feel good about yourselves!


John I. Cook, Director

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