Go With The Flow . . .

go with the flowHappy Monday, All!

Were your weekends up to your expectations? I hope that you were each able to find time and safe ways to enjoy yourselves … I did! Sometimes, we each get used to having our own way and become selfish and unconcerned with “others”. Perhaps, this is one of the major pitfalls of the “I-generation” or attitude, if you will. Being a history teacher by trade, I can honestly say that the youth of today’s generation, or even mine with the hippies and “peace and love” coupled with “make love not war” slogans everywhere, are NOT the first to appear to be selfish. Take a look yourself and you may notice that selfishness was actually tied to this nation’s Civil War where one group of folks felt it was okay to “own” another human being and have her or him work for free, being tied and whipped mercilessly for not acting as if they were brainless and spineless …. Peace be still … Case in point, the southern planter, the likes of that we saw in both “Roots” and “Django:Unchained”.

While the weather was absolutely scrumptious, and I was out as much as possible, I had planned to watch a little NBA Play-off Basketball at home. Now, a few weeks ago, my sports channels, including ESPN and Sun Sports, disappeared from my accessible television stations through Comcast Cable. So, I called and asked a customer service agent why this had happened. She said it was not included in my plan. I explained ever so gently that I had been able to see those stations for the past 6 months. She replied, “I don’t know why because you have the basic package plan.” So I asked her to provide me with the plan that had those stations included so I could watch the play-offs from my flat. She set an appointment for a week or so later which came on Saturday of this past weekend. The technician came closer to the end of the “5-7pm window”, asked for water, asked for my password for Comcast and apparently had no clue what he was doing. He asked me what I was supposed to be receiving and I told him to look at the work order while I explained what channels I was missing.

The techie changed the modem and told me I would get the channels when the Comcast office “switched it on” … and he left after washing his hands and leaving dirty water all over my bathroom sink. I called Comcast and they gave me an hour or so of professional “run around” until I asked to speak with a supervisor. He put in another work order to have the channels included for May 5th … yes, another week. So, while having limited stations was okay, plus higher speed internet, I calmed down to go with the flow. Suddenly, my screens went dark and I had NO channels. Upon calling, I was told that the work order “REQUIRED” the interruption of my cable service until the technician comes out Sunday coming … “God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can … and the wisdom to know the difference.”

I remember when I was growing up and my father had “ordered” me to stay away from certain kids in the Projects as well as forbade me to have specific kids come to our apartment to play. He was clearly telling me NOT to go with the flow of what all the other kids seemed to be doing. I had to be in at 7pm and that was AFTER doing my homework with my sister Edna standing guard sometimes. I became cautious of this “flow-thing” as heroin and crack cocaine found its way into our humble neighborhood. This flow was NOT good, and, I occasionally “got wet”, so to speak … Nowadays, as I continue to embrace my own spiritual education and share what I can with others, I have once again learned to embrace the timeless philosophy of “go with the flow”, and, as Bruce Lee is accredited with coining the phrase of, “Be like water, my friend, be like water ….”.

Have a peace-filled day!


John I. Cook, Director

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