One Step At A Time . . .

anotha hump dayHappy Hump Day, All!

So far, this week has been a lot “quieter” than last week, right?! I mean, no explosions nor catastrophes that reached international notoriety like the earthquake in China last week or the destruction outside of Waco, TX. Now, all eyes have been on the 19 year old kid in Boston whose life seemed to be a complete mystery to all who “knew” him … perhaps, even to himself. As we say here at EE, “Know Thyself!”, a simple Socratic tidbit to let us each know where our lives begin … and … hopefully end! Yesterday was also the birthday of my friend, the late Peter Zachary, RIP, maybe a month or so after his passing.

We often live our lives trying to live up to others expectations …. or acquire the possessions of others, and oftentimes leave ourselves “spiritually undernourished”! I mean, everybody can’t be the king nor can everyone have all of the things that others have. Now, “have” all those things, if you will. Just remember that I, nor others, am not one of the things that you can have, you dig?! Setting ones own course in life, changing that course if necessary, and striving to achieve those “good goals”, if you will, in and of itself is quite an accomplishment for a lifetime. Often, I try to make sure that “the outside matches the inside”, and, vice versa. For me, that is the most important balance that one can have in ones own life.

Here in Miami, the community leaders and politicians have, once again, dedicated themselves to “Stopping the Violence”. So many young lives, in particular, African American, have been being “snuffed out” through acts of violence, some random while others were quite calculated. If you’ve never been a victim of violence, count your blessings. If you have, don’t just wallow in self pity but share your story with someone, share you pain … again with someone, and move ahead again. The Superintendent of Schools in Miami has also vowed to do his part in ending the plethora of violence that has also entered the schools in Miami Dade County. Just remembering the fact that most things are accomplished “one step at a time” is sometimes disconcerting and may cause one to remain “frozen” or paralyzed into doing nothing … Not good, if you can avoid this. Whatever your goals are, however you choose to achieve them (and I’ll pray that they are good goals), may you go forth with vigor and energy, faith and hope, and take it one step at a time.

Have a great day, and, have a wonderful rest of the week!


John I. Cook, Director

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