Look For The Good Stuff!

good stuffHappy Friday, All!

There is no other option for me today except to say … and mean … T.G.I.F.! Hip hip, hooray! It is Friday!

Most humans find bad stuff really easy. In fact, the ones who are really skilled at finding bad stuff can take something good … and turn it bad!! Do you know anyone like that . . . This past election, for example, for the POTUS found some of the most serious, nasty, mud-slinging that I have seen in my half century on this Earth! Why don’t we like to look for the “good stuff” in people or in situations and circumstances? Are we really “hell bent” on finding the worse that we can in human nature? Why … that ain’t hard, is it?

Today is my only child, my daughter, Ayanna Lynne’s birthday. Happy Birthday, Kiddo … as I often like to call her nowadays. When she was just a “pup”, so to speak, I called her “Squeezy” because she and I used to share some of the best hugs and squeezes I ever knew! Just sayin’! So to her, I send hugs, kisses and squeezes!

While it is clear that the business tycoon, “Jay Z” aka Mr. Carter, had visited Cuba against a lot of people’s wishes, it was a legal trip … thus far! There were those who ranted and raved that he and Beyonce, his wife, were supporting a communist country and enemy of the USA. So, he put together a rap song called “Open Letter” in response to all of the comments and criticisms. Yet, there were a few people who felt that if it was done correctly and, through the US Department of the Treasury (which we have been told it was!), then it was okay. Yet others took a jab at his “Open Letter” response rap to those who continued to … “look for the bad” in what he and his wife decided to do that happened to fall on their wedding anniversary.

I am not sure if it is true or not but it has been suggested that one who fills their time with negative thoughts and energy usually find themselves feeling … well … bad! Those with terminal diseases who fill their lives with positive thoughts and energy have even been known to recover. Now, I don’t know about you, and what you believe but I would just like to lend my support to a life of “looking for the good stuff” in others and circumstances!

Have a great weekend!

Namaste, y’all … namaste!

John I. Cook, Director

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