“What’s YOUR Handle?!”

whats your handleHappy Hump Day, All!

Another opportunity to reach mid-week has arrived! How do you feel about that? “Breaker … 1-2-3 … What’s your handle?” That’s an old CB radio expression where one radio operator asked another for his “information”, be it his CB radio name and/or location. Do any of you remember those days, before cell phones existed, and truckers (and others even in cars!) on the nation’s interstates not only passed the time away while traveling long distances but exchanged important information regarding road conditions and the highway “authorities”? It had become a hobby for some and a way of life for others.

Well, some guy gets loose on another college campus to attack and injure “innocent” students at a college network in Texas! The difference this time is … he used a knife! I am inclined to say, “What the hell!?”, but the ONLY good thing that I’ve noticed so far is that it wasn’t an automatic weapon or gun that was used … it was ONLY a knife! What do you think this guy’s handle is?! While there were many injuries, in the vicinity of 17 people or so, there were no deaths reported as of yet. All of them, including the assailant, were students there.

Cuba has been in the international news again for two major events over the past week or so. First, businessman and music producer/mogul, Jay Z and his wife Beyonce were spotted there in Havana on their anniversary, purportedly on a cultural trip, since Americans have been forbidden to go there on vacation. Just last week, a female social media activist from Cuba, Yoani, spoke in Miami about her experiences and observations of this “New Cuba”, so to speak, and how she wanted to give hope to Cuban Americans of their abilities to help forge a better Cuba, if you will. Questions have arisen by Florida law-makers as to why the federal government’s treasury department provided Jay Z and his wife with a visa to travel there, even though it appears legal.

How about the story of the criminal, drug trafficking, gun toting father who kidnapped his two sons from their grandmother’s home and took them, with his wife, by boat to Cuba?! Nevertheless, it has been reported that the Cuban authorities are “sending” them back to the USA! Very interesting, to say the least! By the way, the parents are BOTH in jail in Tampa, FL and the boys are safe again with grandma!

What’s your handle on life today? I have been a bit overwhelmed with “stuff” but have promised myself to maintain my cool and go with the flow, so to speak, in the Bruce Lee form of the expression: “Be like water, my friend … be like water!”


John I. Cook, Director
Educational Excellence

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