Do You Remember?

remember meHappy Monday, All!

Here’s to hoping your weekends went well … and that you and your loved ones are also well. “Life” really is just a moment … We often run around, rush around, especially us “workaholics”, from one event to the next situation … from ones life to another’s death … until it hits very close to home … Peace be still. As I dozed off to sleep last night while watching the news, I heard the newscaster state that 6 more Americans were killed, including one civilian on assignment there in Afghanistan, as they attempted to deliver books to a school. It was apparently another infamous car-bombing and one more young member, female, of the State Department Foreign Service also lost her life. There were two separate incidents. I have never been a big fan of war since my days of missing the draft to serve in the Vietnam War! I was too young at the time … only seventeen when the mandatory draft was imposed.

This past weekend was decent for me. I got to see my great nephew turn 13 as we had a cook-out near the basketball courts on Fort Lauderdale Beach. A few of my sister’s friends and several kids showed up in addition to Trent’s mom – my niece – Tiphani, and we had a mini-spread there on the picnic tables there on the beach! It was great to be present. Yesterday, Sunday, my sister and one of her friend’s with whom I have also been a friend for over 20 years, Sandy Noble, and I met at the Sun Trust Bank Sunday Jazz Brunch! While the tropical moisture moved in off and on in the form of sprinkles and light rain, the “Jazz Brunchers” didn’t budge, especially since many had already set up tents to watch the festivities, and, others had umbrellas! I also ran in to a good friend, Ray Campbell, his wife, Pearl and their own little teenaged sleeping beauty, Rashida!

Tomorrow is another “new” friend’s birthday, and, I have a friend in Germany whose birthday is April 19th … but the most important one for me to remember is that of my only child, my daughter – Ayanna Lynne, whose birthday is April 12th. She will be 30 years old and has planned a trip for herself to “sunny” Puerto Rico … San Juan, to be exact! Dale!

Do you remember those who are close to you, and, their birthdays? It kind of offsets the losses of life we each experience from our loved ones, and others as well. Have a great week!


John I. Cook, Director

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