Respect Yourself!

respect yourselfHappy Friday, All!

I am willing to make a “bet”, so to speak, that some of you may be saying, “T.G.I.F.”! Am I right?! At this time, I would like to say thanks to so many of you who are reading, passing me on, and even taking time to shoot me back an e-mail whenever you have time to give me your thoughts on what I write. Educational Excellence was born out of humility, peace, hope and love and I do not look for any marching band to give me praise or anything like that! (Silly, aren’t I!?) Yet, it is nice to “hear” that there are some of you who look forward to the e-mails and blog posts on Word Press during the week. I thank you … I love you!

Spring time is officially here weather-wise in South Florida as we have had a couple of days of “straight rain”. Lightening has even danced across the skies like yesterday afternoon as I spoke with a couple of co-workers outside during our break. How glad I am to be able to cruise I-95 on my way to work in my little Jeep Compass (2009)! As one friend stated earlier this week when I finally got it out of the repair shop, “Sometimes, it’s the little things!” Considering that I rode the Honda NightHawk for seven years, rain or shine, work or play from Orlando to Key West and points in between, I “got the job done”! Thanks to my Creator and friends who help to make things possible for me from time to time. Usually, once the Spring-time climate and weather patterns sink in here, we will have rain nearly every afternoon around 3pm to 5pm … like clockwork!

Loving myself was a process for me … peace be still. I had “bumped up” against hard situations, many of which I created for myself, and have since learned to come away from a situation or circumstances with a “better view point” on life … and myself. Whoever tells you (or anyone else!) that they’ve never made a mistake is one whom you should carefully consider as being “honest”. Now, there are some people whose mistakes were few and far between, like my mother. Still, I know she must’ve done something that she regretted or simply was a mistake at some point in her life. One mistake she didn’t make was always loving me! Thank you, Momma. The coach at Rutger’s University who worked with young men for several years has made multiple mistakes until he was captured on film and plastered on the internet. If he ever gets a chance to coach again I hope he displays evidence that he, too, has learned from his experiences.

I’ve noticed over the years that if one respects oneself, others may come on board, or just leave you in peace! You think? Still others may challenge a person and see how far they can push them to a breaking point just to see what they can get away with … or if the person is real. The video tapes of this coach throwing the basketball at his players, including at their heads and legs, during practice was very sad to see. I mean, can you really coach young men with that kind of rage going on inside that finds its way outside for the public to see? The young men “grinned and bore it”, though I suspect there were numerous conversations going on after practice amongst them regarding their coach’s behavior. I can only say that in my experience as a player under coach Maurice Blake at St. Paul’s School and at Princeton University’s Freshman Team under coach Peter Carril, I never experienced anything like this … just “tough love” and conditioning …. and instruction. Respect yourself! It feels great … besides, somebody might be watching, especially if you are a role model to them.

Peace and namaste,

John I. Cook, Director

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