Easter, Ishtar and Passover

augustineHAPPY GOOD FRIDAY, All!

Well, today is a day that continues to mark a celebration of Passover or “Pesach” for descendants of the Israelite people, as well as Good Friday. Last Sunday was Palm Sunday and this Sunday is Easter! Do you know the history behind each of these celebrations? There were emperors, in particular Constantine who influenced the Christian elements in Easter as well as a hint of a Babylonian pagan image of fertility known as “Ishtar”. Apparently, there is a crossover and overlap, if you will, of these Holy Days as well as multiple symbols of things like the rabbit and the Easter egg. Can anyone tell you what to celebrate and how? I think not, though it would be worth anyone’s while to do some research including looking at the Bible to see the origins of these celebrations, as well as a look at the Torah, preferably translated into English unless one understands Hebrew!

One of the things I try to do when writing and communicating ideas with others is emphasize the values of peace, love, cooperation, equality, honesty and justice. By now, I am sure I may have gained some “enemies”, so to speak, because of my insistence on non-violence and human harmony, regardless of ethnic group or religion, birth place or ancestry. Yet, I continue, as I believe my parents and my Creator would have me be, as opposed to advocating violence and revenge as a way of life. I’ve never HAD to use those, thank my Creator whom I choose to call “God” and my parents, neither of whom have left me to fend completely for myself, thusly making violence and revenge a necessity for my existence. In many ways, I have ” … been there, done that …” and seek every avenue in life that will NOT cause me to revert back to those basic human characteristics.

So, what ever you choose to celebrate, even if it is nothing, be humble enough to allow others to celebrate what they like to believe … as long as it doesn’t hurt you! Have a great weekend, and, Happy Holy Days!


John I. Cook, Director

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