“You Hit the Jackpot!”

jackpotHappy Hump Day, All!

Yes, it is mid-week of the last week in March 2013. How do you like that?! How do you like Tiger Woods’s comeback to win again? Had you counted him out, too? Manufacturers are “toying” with the idea of having an action figure come out in his very own likeness!! How about those Miami HEAT, as they chase the NBA record for longest winning streak since the Los Angeles Lakers? They are truly looking like champions. I hope that they can continue winning, and, perhaps … capture another championship for the fans in Miami.

I think one of the best stories lately of how chance can move one’s life around a bit is the gentleman in New Jersey who worked in a delicatessen and randomly played a “quick pick” for the Power Ball Game … and netted $152 million dollars, take home pay! Now that’s “amazing”, too! The other interesting thing about this guy is that he is from the Dominican Republic and does not even speak English! The newscast last night showed him cutting bread to make a hoagie like sandwich, which we used to call “wedges”, and he stated that the money will change his life but NOT his heart! He claims that he will remain humble at heart. Meanwhile, Donald Trump offered his “two cents” worth of comment stating that this guy had better be careful how he spends his money because people will be coming out of the woodwork to try to scheme him out of his winnings.

Do you have some changes to make in your life? Maybe you won’t be so lucky as to hit a multi-million dollar Power Ball winning but each of us can make a decision to change, and, it could be like “you hit the jackpot”!

“Man is in love … And loves what vanishes; What more is there to say?” – W. B. Yeats

God, help me to engage with life fully and to accept change. (TOUCHSTONES March 27, 2013)


John I. Cook, Director

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