Timing Is Everything . . . Up To A Point!

timingHappy Friday, All!

In hopes that your weeks went well, T.G.I.F.! Anyone like to complete this sentence: “In the beginning ….” How about this one: “In the end I will be ….”. Give it your best shot and send me a reply, if you like! On my new website, johncook7613.wix.com/know-thyself, I make some references to the concept of fluidity, “being like water” as Bruce Lee advocated. Just yesterday, I was talking to another associate of mine who hinted at his studies of Buddhism, and gave me a card. I researched it and came up with much of what I presently do, minus some of the chants, etcetera. I think the overall goal of most spiritual programs is, however, knowing oneself … and acknowledging a “higher power”.

So, the “Peace in the Park” hosted by some great friends at the Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University out of Miami, FL, is this Sunday, March 24th, 2013 from 1-6pm at Young Circle’s “Art Park”, Hollywood, FL. At that same time, I will be attending my long time friend, running partner, confidante and “bosom buddy”, Mr. Peter Andrew Zachary’s “Celebration of Life” service with probably hundreds of his friends and family, from California to New York, at the Renaissance Hotel/Resort in Plantation, FL. Can you say, “Timing is Everything”?

I remember how my parents used to scold me and mold me, make me do my homework with my sister Edna’s guidance,empty the trash and make me come into to our apartment at the Winbrook Housing Development there on South Lexington Ave./Fisher Ave./Grove Street … aka “The Projects” in White Plains, NY by 7pm weeknights. I think they were trying to get me ready for something … something that had not yet come our way. Upon demonstrating certain strengths in academics coupled with my mother’s involvement in community politics and programs while she cleaned houses in White Plains, I was approached by Mr. Daniel Woodard, assistant principal at White Plains High School. He was a mentor of mine via the Urban League of Westchester County and introduced to some people from a boarding school in Concord, NH … timing is everything!

Just last night, I was watching the local news and up comes a story on Michael Brewer … four years after he had been doused with rubbing alcohol and set on fire by some “school associates” purportedly, trying to collect on a debt. Brewer was stopped by police last night in West Palm Beach’s “Royal Palm” neighborhood for making an illegal u-turn in a van. When stopped, the police smelled marijuana, which prompted them to search the van. There were glass pipes, containers for drugs, crack cocaine, marijuana, oxycodone pills and a variety of other drug paraphernalia. Brewer had no driver’s license, and, just the day before, his mother was in court while the last of the three “teen attackers” was facing sentencing for setting him on fire just four years ago. A lot can happen in four years, right? Yes, yes, timing is everything … up to a point …

A couple of days ago, I was chatting with Peter’s son, Jordan, and I complimented him on a piece he wrote about his father for a social network. We chuckled, chatted, got serious a bit as I told him that my next book will have a chapter called “Me and Petey” and we went over briefly one of his dad’s suggestions to him – “GSD”. GSD, you might ask? Yes, “Get Sh_t Done!”, which Zach’s only son is faced with in the aftermath of his father’s passing. Now, he’s in his early twenties so I suspect he has a good idea of how to “GSD” … and I plan to be available to assist in any way I can.

Just keep in mind, folks, timing is everything … up to a point! Something is prompting me to tell you all that I love you … all of you … whether you “love” me or care back is not important … just know that I told you so. My Creator does the rest!


John I. Cook, Director

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