The Power of Peace

peace powerHappy Hump Day, All!

What a week we’ve had! The trial of the two teen boys from Steubenville, OH generated a lot of comments and responses from many of us, as the issue of violence against women has re-surfaced in the international community as well. Major networks as well as individuals churned comments regarding the “football players with a future”, as if the young lady has no future!! What kind of message is that sending to that young lady in particular? What about to young women everywhere who may face a similar situation?

Rumors have it that in Syria, there have been reports of chemical weapons used by one or maybe even both sides in the conflict there. Reports and images of people suffering from attacks to their nervous system surfaced on the international media. We can choose to believe it … or not! The young man at a college in Central Florida whose rampage attack seemed to be thwarted not only because the fire alarm, which the student triggered himself in order to get “victims” into his vision, also alerted his room mate who came out, saw the weapon (he wasn’t sure if it was real or not), and called “911”, but also the fact that he purportedly killed himself. By the time the SWAT team had gotten there, the planned “attacker” had shot himself, apparently, in the head. Believe it … or not!

I choose today to try to deal with hostile forces with a peaceful attitude, more so towards MYSELF than toward the hostile forces themselves. If I can remove myself from the environment quickly, I do so in a peaceful manner. It is kind of like basketball on different skill levels, but in this case, the NBA. Coaches insist that their players NOT lose their cool on the court for a variety of reasons and repercussions including being called for a foul. More importantly, it is suggested so that the players may maintain control over THEMSELVES, and appropriately plan and execute the proper attack … on the court. Are our lives and emotions throughout our every day activities similar to that which players face on an intensified level on the basketball court? I think so! There have been times in my life when I had to respond to an attack with force. The best of those times, I was able to stop an attacker who had already demonstrated his desire to incapacitate me by backing up, preparing myself … quietly and peacefully … and then retaliate under control. I am not an advocate for violence. Yet, I refuse to be pummeled and beaten by anyone, regardless of their income or position, title or friends and associates. But I maintain and believe in “the power of peace”!

Enjoy your first day of Spring, if you will, wherever you are … in the snow covered northern states or in the sunny and warm southern states! Here, locally, let’s get ready for “Peace in the Park”, Sunday March 24th, 2013 at Young Circle’s Art Park in Hollywood, FL from 1-6pm.


John I. Cook, Director

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