” . . . Things Keep On Changing!”

namasteHappy Friday, Citizens of the Universe!

Yes, and, if you will, T.G.I.F.! It seemed to me at first that this week was going by ever so slowly … Then suddenly, I turned around, and it was Thursday!!! And now … it’s Friday again! ” … Things keep on changin’!” There is a new pope – Pope Francis I – and there hasn’t been an upper level member of the Catholic Church of that name they say since St. Francis of Assisi, the wealthy gentleman who gave up all of his riches and served the Catholic Church. He was given the title of “saint” on July 16, 1228, by Pope Gregory IX. The new Pope, Francis I, comes from the Argentinean clergy, whose parents were born in Italy, and he is a Jesuit Catholic. My time working in Cali, Colombia, SA brought me to the doors of the Jesuit founded “La Pontificia Universidad Javeriana” as an English teacher for engineering, business administration and psychology at the University level. The Jesuits have historically been known to be very pious, yet humane Catholics, if you will.

Some of our local festivities this weekend include St. Patrick Day Celebrations and I am sure there will be many many more … worldwide … including New York’s 251st St. Patrick’s Day Parade this Saturday … tomorrow! Now that’s history, my lads and lassies, and the celebrations have always been green, especially the beer! Also this Saturday is a “bullying summit” held at the African American Research Library and Cultural Center including a book signing by local author, Deon Davis. The event begins at 3:30pm March 16th, 2013 there at the library on Sistrunk Boulevard near downtown Fort Lauderdale. Afterwards, I plan to meet up with a boarding school chum, Gary Hodder, Esq., who lives in Toronto and has a home in Naples, FL. Mr. Hodder is a Florida Panther’s fan, as well as a hockey aficiaonado in general, and he and his wife and daughter have invited me to dinner … and a Panther’s game, though the state hockey team isn’t doing so well this year. It will be a nice time to see Gary and finally meet his family.

Sunday will be an important day for the friends, family and clients of my dear friend who passed exactly a week ago, Mr. Peter Zachary – RIP. His immediate family has planned an event at the Renaissance Ft. Lauderdale Hotel in Plantation that starts at 1pm. It will first be a “going away” service followed by a “Celebration of Zack’s Life” also there at the Renaissance Hotel where his clients get to meet his family and friends, tell some stories and ultimately celebrate his life. Peter has been the senior vice president for First Miami Securities for more than the past 10 or 15 years though he has worked for the firm for over 30 years. May this event give him a fond farewell and send off from our realm of existence. Peter’s desire was to be cremated, have a celebration as is planned, and have his ashes spread wherever his surviving family members have been instructed by him before his passing. Travel safely, my friend, until we meet again …

Have a great weekend, and, tell somebody you love them!

Namaste …

John I. Cook, Director

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