“A Hard Fought Battle . . .”



Happy Hump Day, All!

Yes, once again, it is the middle of the week. Always, there is so much going on as life pulls us in different directions. Have you ever felt like there is not enough time in a day, or, perhaps … not enough time in our lives? If so, this is a big hint to take each day as a gift … something that one can not get back or re-do as an instant replay. Each moment we live is gone, lost in space and time … those moments are truly over!

As many patiently and eagerly await the “Picking of the Pope”, the world continues to spin on its axis and the weather continues to change in different areas on the globe. Now, imagine that our time here on Earth is merely a small part of the galaxy or universe, and we are like particles of air, water, flesh and light. Considering how we got here, which science has done its best to describe, and, where we are going, which I believe science can only give the tiniest of clues as to what’s next for each of us in our existence, one might become a bit more appreciative of each day we live.

Either way, whether we are coming or going, it appears to be a hard fought battle. As I mentioned in the Monday e-mail, and please forgive my omissions or mis-spellings from time to time, my long time friend, Peter Zachary, passed away last Friday night from complications caused by the ALS/Lou Gehrig’s Disease, which essentially shuts down motor functions, body part by body part until one has no ability to breathe even. His “legacy” of hard work, which he shared with me and those who know him, as well as his benevolent heart is something that I will always cherish. He leaves behind a daughter – Samantha – a senior in high school; a son – Jordan, who has been a client whom I tutored in the completion of his high school studies as well as a good friend; three sisters – Lisa, Andrea, and Christy – of varying ages but only one older than he; his second wife, Selei; and his mother, Nancy, who lives in Boca Raton, FL. There are plans to “Celebrate Zack’s Life” for this weekend, probably Sunday. As I struggled at work yesterday to stay focused on several tasks that were before me, I had the good news of a co-worker and gym friend, Miguel Sanchez, whose lovely Lady, Chrissy, gave birth to two bouncing baby girls yesterday at Holy Cross Hospital here in Ft. Lauderdale! So, to balance out the challenges I feel due to the loss of a great friend, and, there are many friends who checked up on me, sent me kind and warm e-mails as well as phone messages and texts, I also had an occasion to celebrate the birth of another friend’s two daughters! It is interesting because just Monday night when I was in Publix Supermarket, I saw Miguel and Chrissy, who both insisted that the birth was in ten days! One look at Chrissy told me it could be sooner … and it was – the next day! Congratulations guys!

May we each attempt to balance our lives and let our Creator do Its work in our lives each day so that this journey called “life”, when it comes to its end, will also be something to celebrate.


John I. Cook, Director

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