” … And When It’s Cold Outside …”

hotchocHappy Monday, All!

Well, South Florida has joined the ranks of “cool” regions in the continental USA … as the temperatures have dropped to reflect a somewhat tropical “winter”, if you will! I remember when I lived in Cali, Colombia, SA for five years and the winters there were like 3 months of chilly rain … non-stop. So here in SoFlo, due to the proximity of the northern states and the Canadian winds that occasionally blow cold air this far South, we’ve gotten temperatures into the low fifty’s and high forty’s. Blanket and sweater weather, for the most part. I even turned on the heat this morning!

Us humans have spiritual seasons, too. At least, I have come to believe in and recognize them for myself anyway. There are times that are ripe for certain activities … be it improving ones education (self-education in many circumstances – about life!), perhaps even ending or beginning a friendship or relationship of various sorts. There seems to be a time or a place, or a certain set of circumstances or a situation that may prompt us to take a specific action. One just has to be aware of the situation and be able to get “clarity” as to what one should do. Too philosophical? Oh well … For example, there was a segment on “60 Minutes” that many people had mentioned and cited articles on the news and social networks regarding the high suicide rate amongst our nation’s military persons who suffer from post traumatic stress disorder syndrome after leaving the military and trying to re-acclimate themselves into wider society back home here in the States. I’ve heard the saying many times, “War is hell!”, and, I have friends who have “been there done that” … some have gotten discharged for medical reasons while others were dishonorably discharged as the term itself suggests while still others were able to make the adjustment to civilian life and are still doing well. The segment was powerful and highlighted this particular young man’s course of life into the military, during various tours of duty overseas, trouble in his marriage which led to divorce, his involvement in a bicycle riding club for veterans with PTSD … and his final suicide … stateside … in the comfort of his home. Peace be still.

So, when it is spiritually “cold” outside, which in many cases may cause us to want to be surrounded by other people, we must be sure to “warm” ourselves inside … and … perhaps reach out to others who may be suffering from life’s challenges. Moreover, if you get anything from this piece, do your best to “Know Thyself”, determining when one may need outside help, and staying close to those who genuinely want to help.

“Heaven ne’er helps the men [women] who will not act.” – Sophocles

If there is something awaiting my action today, may I have the courage to move forward with it. Even small movement is progress. (TOUCHSTONES, March 4th)

Have a great week!


John I. Cook, Director

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