“These Are The Times . . .”

einsteinHappy Friday, All!

Did you think it would come soon enough?! Well, T.G.I.F.! Here’s to hoping your week has been productive and that each of us is feeling a part of Creation. Yesterday was the last day of African American History Month and there have been many many activities that highlighted the contributions of “my people”, if you will. One of the things I enjoy most in my life is reaching out to others and at least attempting to encourage them to “see the light”. We can usually find something or someone to criticize, but oftentimes, when it comes to ourselves, it appears to be the last frontier … when in reality … it IS the first frontier. Imagine that!

It seems that the Catholic Church is beginning to take a look at itself nowadays. One of the subjects that I had studied in my years in academia is “The Rise of World Religions”. I noted the developments of the major world religions and even had a chance to look into some of the religions that are not so “major”, should there be such a thing. The world we live in has changed in the past two centuries in “leaps and bounds”, in technology and science, in the humanities, and our concept of what is “acceptable” socially has expanded to realms even I couldn’t have imagined! What about you? I mean, if I had talked back to my parents, for example, as some kids do today, I wouldn’t be here right now … no joke. Yet, as Pope Benedict 16th resigned from the papacy, which hasn’t happened in like 600 years, many people of the Catholic Church want their voices heard, in particular, in the selection of the next Pope. People want to see greater involvement of women in the Catholic Church, and, one newscast I watched last night even hinted at the Catholic Church’s acceptance of “gay and lesbian” populations in its ranks. Do you think the traditionalists of the Church will allow this to happen? The story unfolds . . .

One of the reasons I embrace spirituality is that it allows me the platform to change … as the times, situations and circumstances change in my own life. I watch as “People Make The World Go ‘Round”, each group, and oftentimes each person, attempting to establish themselves as some “supreme being” while ignoring their own opportunities for human growth and development. The old school saying, “When you point your finger at someone else, there are three more (fingers) aimed right back at yourself!” Can one recognize ones own need to change, or are most people too busy looking at others, either helping them or criticizing them so much that one can’t see ones own need for “self help”?

“As my fathers (and mothers) planted for me, so do I plant for my children.”

– The Talmud

I will give freely of my time and resources because the giving enriches me. (TOUCHSTONES March 1st)

Have a great weekend!


John I. Cook, Director

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