Make A Wish ….

wishHappy Hump Day, Partners!

I am not sure about you all but we have had some of the most gorgeous full moon nights these past few days! It always seems to affect more than just the tides and stuff … like maybe people even … perhaps … even me! How about you? Monday night we experienced what was called the “Snow Full Moon”, which is equated with some of the heaviest snow falls of the winter. Granted, here in SoFlo we didn’t have any snow. Yet, we were able to see the same moon as in the rest of the continental USA, including the states that were hit hardest by the snow storms. Mother Nature still “rocks” … perhaps … harder than we know!

Growing up, do any of you remember being told: “Now … make a wish!” It was usually when a tooth had come out for whatever reason. Or, it was just before you blew out the candles on your birthday cake. How many of us remember the “wishbone” from the family meal of chicken or turkey? Did you ever break one of those? I used to take it sometimes, clean it up, then coat it with some of my mother’s clear finger nail polish, put a hole in it, and get a string to put through it and wear it around my neck for a few days … maybe a week. Isn’t it nice when someone says, “Make a wish …” and you know your chances of getting what you wished for are very great?

Here in SoFlo, on February 25th, 2013, the South Florida Make A Wish Foundation held its 20th Anniversary Event, hosted by former football great, Mike Ditka. It was a sports star “Make A Wish” event where children of the foundation got a chance to wish for something involving a sports star. One young white kid … yes, I said it for a reason … had wished for Ray Allen’s autographed basketball jersey. Not too long ago, I had the pleasure of meeting Ray’s mother and a few other family members at a HEAT vs. Celtic’s basketball game to start the NBA season. At that time, Ray was a player for the Celtics, and, courtesy of my long time friend, Armond Hill of the Celtic’s coaching staff, I was at the game sitting in the Celtic’s fans section just one row behind Ray’s mother! We smiled, exchanged glances, then I told her that I knew Armond, who had gotten the tickets for me. So this white kid got his wish … He didn’t see the color of the skin of the player, I am sure, but he did know that the guy whose jersey he wanted was probably one of the best three point shooters to ever play the game! And … he got his wish!

Last night, there were several events held commemorating the life of Trayvon Martin, an African American teen, whose life was snuffed out by a self appointed “neighborhood watch” captain. Just last night, when I listened to the “911” call again, I became so annoyed … hearing his comments about “… they always get away …”, and, then hearing the “911” operator tell him NOT to follow the youth, whom, Zimmerman described as, ” … up to something …” Well, if I were able to make a wish today, it would be that all of the “George Zimmermans” receive a change of heart from their profiling and racist beliefs … or … be removed from this Earth … Peace be still …

What would you wish for? Well, I wish that each of you have a nice day and a great rest of the week ….


John I. Cook, Director

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