“It’s The Weekend, Baby! Dale!”

robinrHappy Friday, All!

And if you don’t mind me saying so, “T.G.I.F.”!

One of the reasons I like living in South Florida aka “SoFlo” is all of the outdoor activities that one has the opportunity to enjoy … year round, nearly. This weekend, for example, is the South Beach Wine and Food Festival. Now, mind you, I have never been … but who knows … I might get invited by an anonymous person before the weekend is out! Dale! (That is Spanish for “Do it” or “Give it!”, better yet!) Now granted, Miami has a lot of crime, too, but I don’t think many “typical” criminals will be out at this incredible feast of culinary delights to be washed down with some of the finest wines and beverages!!

An associate of mine told me that he is going to the Adrienne Arsht Center in Miami on Sunday to see The Alvin Ailey Dancers perform. I haven’t seen them “live” since attending St. Paul’s School, but I know what they can do. While I have seen them on television, there is nothing like a live performance to kindle the kindred spirits of love and peace … and beauty.

Did Lindsay Lohan really think that she was going to win a trial against Pit Bull, Miami’s own home grown and bred Latino rapper, for including her name in a song he did with Ne Yo and Afro Jack that had “disparaging and defamatory statements” which she claims caused her undue stress? In addition, she claims, Pit Bull did not ask for permission to use her name. I believe for the most part that the judge said that the first amendment sets the proper footing for throwing this case out. Maybe Lindsay doesn’t know about freedom of speech … just freedom to use stuff, trash it, crash it, cut it to pieces and then claim that it was all justified!!!

Two not so cool stories erupted here in SoFlo, too. In an area of Miami, a federal aviation inspector was found dead in his home after shooting his wife and his daughter, and then turning the gun on himself. Neighbors said they seemed like the perfect family and never suspected any familial tensions that could result in something devastating like this. His wife and daughter are in critical condition. Just around the corner from me, so to speak, in Pompano Beach, FL, a baby boy of maybe 3 days of age was found near bushes close to a sidewalk near a child care center … with the umbilical cord still attached … He is now safe. Peace be still.

Well, the Good Morning America news show personality, Robin Roberts, returned to television just a few days ago after undergoing treatment for bone marrow cancer. My own father suffered from this and eventually passed away … in my arms, at home in White Plains as my sister hurried from Florida to New York with her new born son some twenty plus years ago to see him before he passed. Robin is a lot younger, her diagnosis was much sooner, and science and medicine to treat such an ailment has improved over the years. Ms. Roberts also said she had spoken with and even Skyped patients with the same illness … who didn’t make out as well as she did … Peace be still. She exhibits the gratitude of having overcome such an illness and I am sure, embraces another chance to live this gift called life.

So, whatever you do, this weekend, today … right now … enjoy the moment! Dale!


John I. Cook, Director

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