President’s Day

presidentsHowdy and Good Day!

Here’s to hoping your weekends went well, once again. Here in South Florida, our temperatures dropped substantially to reflect the winters typical of the tropics. It never hangs around too long, the cold that is. So we’ve become accustomed to wearing jackets and sweaters out, like a lot of people did on Friday and Saturday nights in the downtown districts of Fort Lauderdale and Miami, for a couple of days at most and then put them away again. For the most part, my weekend went well.

In the aftermath of the President’s “State of the Union” address and Sen. Marco Rubio’s response, there have been a lot of circumstances where people, including Sen. Rubio, still seek to throw stones, so to speak, at the President without doing proper research. It seems that some of the people, including Rubio, start to believe their own lies! This is one of the reasons I do not write about political issues, not only because they change so much, but there is always something that one does not know or does not take into consideration. Yet, most people who make these comments are NOT politicians but mere “peanut gallery gatherings” looking to take a pot shot at someone whom they will never meet in their lives, or just want to make a negative comment about something or someone that their words will never ever affect anyway. Peace be still …

I did enjoy the fresh air and briskness of it this weekend. I didn’t go out to visit one of my best friends since childhood, Peter Zachary, but I did have a chance to chat with my daughter, Ayanna Lynne, who lives in Connecticut. I also enjoyed the entertainment segments of the NBA’s East vs. West All Star Game televised last night from Houston. The game itself was the typical “run and gun” style, slams and jams, as well as incredible individual performances by some of the most well known players of the game today, including Kobe Bryant, Dwayne Wade, Chris Paul (MVP) and Kevin Durant. It was also Michael Jordan’s 50th Birthday and all those who know the game of basketball tipped their hats to another living legend.

Most of you are probably off from work this President’s Day, as we celebrate the accomplishments of our nation’s first president, Gen. George Washington as well as President Abraham Lincoln. While I am going to work today, since our office is open in Boca Raton, I hope that those of you who have a free day do indeed enjoy it.


John I. Cook, Director

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