Just Released From Jail . . .


Happy Monday, All!

I know that in many parts of the Northeast, especially after talking with my daughter who lives in Connecticut, the snow storm had a tremendous presence! So, much of the weekend was apparently spent first, hunkering down at home as it is much safer to be inside than on slippery snow covered streets trying to drive a vehicle. Then of course, comes the time and energy needed to essentially dig ones way out. I remember our days growing up in the Winbrook Apartments aka “The Projects” and enjoying the snow there amongst the “The Five Units”. We had a little sleigh riding hill that was just outside of the administration office on Grove Street that was just steep enough to get a running start, drop your sled and “boogie” on down the hill there which ended just inside the wooden enclosure which bordered on Bethel Baptist Church’s location there in the PJ’s! Fun memories, not to mention the snowball fights we used to have when the snow was slightly damp and allowed for “good packing”!

Today, many African American men can say that they have had “run ins” with the law. Not only is racial profiling one of police officer’s favorite past times, it also demonstrates these law enforcement officials inability to actually do their job and “find” a real criminal. Oftentimes, the stop by a police vehicle for an African American male is a traumatic experience which has to be handled so that “he” avoids going to jail, whether he has done something wrong or not. In most cases, the people that they (law enforcement) stop are NOT the ones causing a danger to the community. But since most officers are not prepared to stop and detain real “gun toting” criminals in the areas where they already KNOW they are, they choose to stop someone in a car on a neighborhood street and try to “turn him into” a criminal with rude and unprofessional questions and behavior since their minds are already set with the profiling mechanism that “black men are criminals and belong in jail”! Jail is no fun and it is the most dehumanizing experience that a grown man can ever face. True, it is an extension of slavery for many black men who have “been there and done that”!

Well, on this day, February 11th, 1990, the living legend, Nelson Mandela, “The Father of South Africa”, was released from jail after serving 27 years in a South African prison for going against the inhumane system of “apartheid” that was omnipresent in South Africa throughout his lifetime. Mandela said that he maintained a strict regiment of eating light meals, doing exercise, though he was prohibited from listening to music, classical and folk South African music as well as choral South African music were amongst his favorites. He is said to enjoy the music of Handel or Tchaikovsky while watching the sunset in South Africa. Mandela was born on July 18th, 1918 of a father, a tribal chieftain, and a mother who is not mentioned much. He still lives today …. a living legend!


John I. Cook, Director

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  1. Linda Fairchild
    Feb 12, 2013 @ 20:22:15

    Beautiful post. I just noticed my father was born 4 days after Mandela. He too was a courageous man, patient and strong. Passionate about eradicating hatred. Survived Hitler.



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