You Gotta Be Real

Angel on my shoulderHappy Hump Day, All!

How are your weeks progressing? If at all like mine, “one day at a time” might suffice. You may have heard the expression, “you gotta be real” in a variety of ways, be it in an R & B popular classic tune, or, in my case, a fusion smooth jazz group called “3rd Force” from a few years back. Well, we had some IT time at work yesterday and I decided to listen to some music to make the time less weighty, if you know what I mean, and on came this selection named above. It got me to thinkin’ …

After I had heard it was Oprah Winfrey’s birthday, and that Alex Rodriguez – baseball superstar and slugger – had been linked to a “shut down” performance enhancement specialist’s office here in South Florida, not to mention the purported “staged” drive-by of rapper “Ricky Rose” Ross here in the exclusive Las Olas area at 5am, I began to ponder – “What is real anymore?” The linebacker for Notre Dame who is about to go pro in NFL Football has … er uh … had a fictitious girlfriend that he purportedly met on line, as well as the notion that there are “crisis actors” who have appeared in Sandy Hook as well as the “Movie Massacre” out West last year … well I wonder … “What is real anymore?!” What about you?

Here locally, the lady who got shot in the face last week in Miami, but she was actually in front of a Chinese restaurant where she was robbed with her two daughters there, is recovering nicely as the surgeons seek to remove bone fragments from delicate places in her throat so she may resume a normal life. In Miami Gardens yesterday, a woman was arrested for neglect after her son was found wandering the street nearby their home when authorities were called to rescue the 7 or 8 year old from harmful traffic. The older sister said that her “little brother” was probably following her when she left her home with friends, and the little boy escaped unbeknownst to the mother. All of the children are with DCF now. Finally, there was a chef leaving work this past weekend in Miami who was the victim of a “hit and run” drunk driver. He lost his life as a result of the impact he received while crossing an intersection. An onlooking man who saw the whole thing took chase after the young woman who fled in a van. She has been released on bond and the man is being praised by the family of the deceased for stepping up to help capture the driver who took the father and husband from this lovely family.

Are you real? This new “norovirus” which attacks the stomach and has its origins in less than desirable locations seems real. I try to make sure that me and my friends are real … Not much else you can be sure of anymore. Nonetheless, have a great Hump Day and rest of the week.

Peace … really,

John I. Cook, Director

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