Here We Go Again!

Shining LightHappy Monday, All!

As usual, here’s to hoping your weekends went well. It was a great time for me … even considering all the things that could … and DID … create a challenge for me, though not insurmountable. Happy for the friends and positive people I have in my life today … Love youse.

Friday was the dj’s birthday at Capone’s here in Fort Lauderdale. “Rey Rico”, as we call him, was in stellar form. You know, when something like that happens – a dj’s birthday party at the club where he works – there is a lot of love flowing all around! That’s how we do it! I think that I have known Rey now for about 2 or 3 years … He reminds me of a room mate I had at boarding school with whom I used to joke, study, play sports … yes, and hang out with! It was a great party thanks to B-Love, host extraordinaire and marketing specialist, and new owners Shawn and Greg.

Saturday was another item on the agenda though impromptu. My good friend – Solveig – originally from Norway has a set of twins – Kristin and Jaeger – whose birthday party was celebrated Saturday. Solveig’s friend, a young lady lawyer whom I had met, had to work … so … in comes “Peaceboy” … that’d be me! Since Solveig and I have been friends for like 2 years now, when I met her at a Boys and Girls Club Business Network Mixer, and, I have met her kids before, it was a great “fit”. She hosted the “house party” for the kids in the late afternoon and I joined them a few hours later and had some pizza, Hawaiian punch and a delicious piece of ice cream cake. The plan was to go to Muvico and see “Jack Reacher” starring Tom Cruise. So, off we went around 6:30 pm from her home heading for the theatre to arrive on time and even give the kids – 3 girls and 4 boys – time in the Arcade there at Muvico. I took the boys – two white kids, one mixed kid and one clearly African American kid of around the same age as the 12 year old twins – in my vehicle, and, Solveig took the girls – all three white and dressed like “pre-teens” and oh so cute, singing verses from some song whenever they got the feeling – in her vehicle and we cruised North up Federal Highway until we got to Pompano. It was great fun for the kids especially, though I joined in the fun as well.

Sunday, which was the 68th Anniversary of the Liberation of the “infamous” concentration camp known as “Auschwitz” which demarcated the end of the horrific Holocaust and the mass murder of millions of Jews … peace … be still, was also a day when I helped a good friend – Big Bro – move from the building where my flat is along with his son Drew and a friend of his named Josh. With all of us pitching in, and watching the Heat lose in double overtime to the Boston Celtics with Armond “Doc” Hill next to Coach Rivers, we “got ‘er done”! January 2013 is almost over and we are on the toes of Black History Month 2013. It’s a new year with new opportunities and a chance to have new faith!

Have a great week, ya hear!


John I. Cook, Director

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