“Where Wuz You At?!”

e pluribusHappy Hump Day, All!

I am in hopes that your Inauguration Day and MLK Day were festive enough to restore your faith in this country. Now, I know that there are always … ALWAYS … some haters so I can say simply … run for the office of president and see what you can do (yeah right!) or pitch in and try to make stuff better as a citizen. I would suggest that one move/leave the country but that would be way too crass for my style … just sayin’!

There was a group of teenagers from The New Mt. Olive Baptist Church here in Fort Lauderdale, Fl that traveled to DC to be at the Inauguration. They were on the local news here, all African Americans, and they were so impressed by what they saw at the Inauguration … something I have never seen. One young man commented, “I have never been that close (proximity) to any president!” Imagine the pride, joy and motivation that welled in this young man’s heart and veins, even as they each displayed the t-shirts and bobble-head images of President Obama that they brought back as souvenirs of this historical event!

Another person who was “there” is a former boarding school buddy/college chum, Kevin Gover, Director of the Native American Museum there in DC, which is affiliated with the Smithsonian. He posted a picture on a social network of he and his lovely Lady there with the Capitol building looming in the background at the Inauguration. Many of us Princeton alumnae were very proud to see Michelle Obama’s brother standing close to her and sporting his orange tie with the “orange and black” scarf from our Alma mater. Michelle graduated from there, too.

What I enjoyed most was seeing the Obama “ladies” embrace Beyonce’s presence, performance and obvious personal friendship that has developed between Jay-Z, Beyonce and the Obamas. How cool is that! Do you know of any other president who stepped “outside of the box” like he did during his speech?! How about a president who had such a diverse array of performers participate in the inauguration?! Truly, he is one of a kind … peace be still … and may God continue to bless he and his family … and America!

May we support this president for his next term in office here in our country.


John I. Cook, Director

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