Who Can Get Away?

images[10]Happy Friday, All!

As is customary here at EE and many many other places world-wide, T.G.I.F.! Some weeks seem longer than others, especially when combating flu symptoms. This has been a tough week and a half for me since realizing that something was going on inside – shakes and shivers, cold and hot sweats, body aches in all the joints … and a little bit of this and a little bit of that. Of course, a few days ago, to top it all off, my computer went “nuts” as I had not installed the security system properly and all sorts of “bad guys” got inside of it, too! Thanks to a good friend of hi tech capacity, we got our stuff back together again. Thanks again, Angela!

Did you ever hear about a crime or just “bad behavior” like Charlie Sheen in a hotel in NYC with a briefcase filled with cocaine and then has a fight with some woman who claims he owes her an unheard of amount of money? Yesterday, there was a Brink’s truck heist here in Fort Lauderdale, FL and the bandits got away with so much and did it “so well” that the authorities don’t want to comment on how much. They had two cars, the first getaway car was shot up by the Brinks guy, since the thieves couldn’t get his gun out to disarm him, and, as they fled in the raggedy old car, he shot multiple times flattening a tire and puncturing the vehicle several times. Then, they got into a Lexus after abandoning the junk getaway car and hauled ass! Pictures were plastered on the news last night but no one has been found … yet.

I heard yesterday that Tiger Woods wants to get back with his wife … and pay her $200 million, just to come back! Believe it … or not! How does a “kid” dress up like the “Joker”, go into a Batman movie, shoot the place up and then say, “I’m insane!” and get away with it … more or less! I thought they said “Crime doesn’t pay?!” Arnold Schwartenegger is in a new movie after doing the unthinkable on a Kennedy and with the house keeper … having a kid and all. Charlie’s in another movie, and, for the most part “The Bill Clinton Story” with Monica has not tainted him much anymore as he continues with this “good work” for the United States of America and President Obama. I have done a couple of “not so good” things but not robbed or murdered anyone … and it’s all uphill for me! What are the ingredients that determine “who can get away” with these types of things? Not to worry, friends, I am not going underground here … just throwing out some thoughts to encourage you all … and myself … to embrace our dreams! Thanks for reading.

Have a great weekend!


John I. Cook, Director

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