Adjustments Are Required!

praying handsHappy Monday, All!

This weekend could not have come at a better time! Whewww! Thanks to those who wished me well in my flu symptoms’ recovery. Some of you even sent medicinal and natural suggestions for me to consider. Thank you, too. The tiny bone remains of the two year old little boy of the mixed Hallandale Beach couple have been found in the backyard of the home they once rented. Both parents are in jail and charges continue to unfold starting with “child neglect”. How sad that people just make and then just discard a young life like that! May he rest in peace …

Do you remember the days of things you could buy like model cars or airplanes, and even furniture with “Assembly Required” kits? Those days were “something” considering the fact that even once one had all the parts and the glue, etc., adjustments were still required! Isn’t that how life is, too? Moments like these in my life which I had to face unexpectedly have caused me to seek a greater level of spirituality in my personal development. Pastor Gomez of Calvary Chapel, FTL’s sermon yesterday was entitled, “Why is this happening?” As he selected scriptures to address “human kinds” challenges in handling everything, not to mention difficulties in understanding the “why”, the audience was enthralled, laughing at times, and silent other times as he drove his point home. It seems that there are always some adjustments required.

Yesterday, I spent some quality time doing home-maker chores and then went to visit my friend Peter Zachary with ALS. Since chewing had become a major challenge for him, they have learned to blend all foods, from chicken and veggies like broccoli and carrots to fruit shakes, into a soup or liquid so that he can ingest it easier. Andrea, his younger sister is even talking about writing a book about the unique discoveries they have made in caring for Peter, their brother … my friend who is also like a brother to me. He seems to be sleeping better in the wheel chair and fairly stable with no noticeable deterioration at this point. It is always great to see he and his family as they surround him unselfishly with love and personal care.

So, today, keep in mind that we may have to make some serious adjustments in our manner of dealing with ourselves and each other. Self analysis goes a long way in our OWN lives, too! Have a great week!


John I. Cook, Director

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