“Men In Black . . .”

Happy Monday, All!
Here’s to hoping your weekend’s went well. What did you do? Has the snow cleared up for you, or … maybe the temperatures have dropped a bit? One of the reasons I enjoy living in South Florida is that it never gets too cold! Imagine that! There were actually lots of people at the beach this past weekend on Ft. Lauderdale’s “Strip” along A-1-A.
My Saturday was pretty enjoyable and Sunday was very productive for working on my own website with a consultant that I am getting up and running soon, I plan.After a decent Friday night when I got home from “The Clubhouse” aka Capone’s relatively early, I had a plan for myself on Saturday – to see the movie: “Django: Unchained” starring Jamie Foxx as “Django”; Kerry Washington as “Hildy”, Django’s wife separated from him through the horrors of slave trading by the plantation owner ( a typical practice done by slavers to intentionally separate families of African descent ); and Leonardo DiCaprio as the owner of Django’s wife and plantation known as “Candy Land” passed on to him by his father who built it through slaving. For me, an African American male, the movie’s theme and setting had particular significance – slavery: an evil institution. Now, the paradox here is that in ” … the land of the free and home of the brave …”, there are humans of one color/race (white/ Caucasian) owning humans of another color/race (black/ African). The horror of slavery was that in order for one race to own another race, the owning race had to “dehumanize” the other race through the cruel system employed by southern plantation owners. The sad thing is that those “dehumanizing” techniques have carried over since slavery was abolished and manifest themselves in the continued racist behavior, including senseless killing of black male teens like Trayvon Martin by a self proclaimed vigilante disguised as a “neighborhood watchman”.
So, today’s e-mail, entitled “Men In Black” goes out to all the “black men” in the world and America today who have survived the continued “dehumanization” practices initiated by slavers some 150 plus years ago and updated and modernized by today’s racist. Hopefully, those of you reading this get some understanding of where I am coming from and can behave accordingly. As well, I remain open for intellectual discussions and writings.
John I. CookRed rose, Director

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