“Runners … On Your Mark …. Now Set …. Go!”

Richards RossHappy Friday, All!

As is customary for “us” here at Educational Excellence, T.G.I.F.!

With a new year at hand, we can each take an opportunity to make some improvements in our lives. While it may seem simple to make a new start at something, procrastination looms in every corner. There will be those who discourage you from making changes in your OWN life, either out of jealousy or envy, or simply the fact that things are going well for them. In contemplating “personal development”, a course I taught and enjoyed at City College, Fort Lauderdale, FL, I often asked the students to take a look at their lives and visualize what they wanted it to be. Some of them admitted that they were just used to doing what they were told in life. I encouraged them to make a plan – 5 steps, perhaps – of where they wanted to be and how they planned to get there. Most of them realized that if they were going to be successful, in other words, finish college, they would have to make some changes in their life style. Improved study habits, time management, setting priorities, not to mention gaining new skills and constantly honing the ones they had already developed were integral parts of this process. So, I pass it on.

It seems that our Congress has worked “with” the President to avoid the “fiscal cliff”, but there are still some things, like tax increases and/or less take home pay for the average American this year. While the GOP has re-elected the present “speaker of the house”, there are some, like New Jersey’s Governor who feel some of his “moves”, if you will, regarding clean up efforts and funds to do so after “Super Storm Sandy” hit the tri-state area, were unfair and insensitive to two states – New York and New Jersey. I hope these grown men can find more ways to get along than ways to disagree.

Are there any changes or improvements that you would like to make this year? Have you ever thought of perhaps helping someone make changes in their life so that they may be more comfortable along this journey? Well, I continue to share tidbits of encouragement with those I meet and those of you who have been recipients of these e-mails and readers of my blog. In being very honest with you, this past holiday season was a bit challenging for me, and, I have had to reset some of my “attitudes and behaviors” so that I, too, may be more comfortable and understand MYSELF better as I am privileged to continue along this gift of life that I was given, via my parents and my Creator, over half a century ago. I thank you all for being supportive of my efforts.

Have a great day, a wonderful weekend, and …. “Go!”


John I. Cook, Director

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