“Let’s Get This Straight”

Let's GoHappy Hump Day, All!

Yes, yes, y’all … we have made it to 2013 as a planet … yep, that’s what I said … as a planet … Earth is still rotating on it’s axis! Have you ever thought about that before?! Or do we just take everything for granted until … it ends? The human condition is one that has had philosophers “philosophizing”, scientists analyzing and studying, and writers attempting to capture us humans attention!! Of course there are more “professionals” doing their thing to make this journey more meaningful.

Well, I spent New Year’s Day with my good friend – Peter Zachary – and his family and medical staff … also family! His son and I are always bonding like we did yesterday over the backyard gas grill that he used to cook some of the best burgers I have tasted in or outside of any restaurant. Tasty they were, topped with sliced red onions, tomato slices, jack cheese, bacon and avocado slices, too. Jordan even cooked up some onion rings, french fries made from regular potatoes as well as sweet potatoes. The beverages ranged from my favorite Canada Dry Cranberry ginger ale, to a special beer from Denmark and even good old H-2-O … water! His (Peter’s) sister, Andrea, gifted me the coolest long “nighty” type boxer shorts as she had promised me Christmas Day that she had picked up for me but had left at home. We had a great time! Peter enjoyed my company with his insatiable giving heart! We joked, watched Steve Harvey on his big screen and we laughed and hugged and enjoyed each others company immensely. Thank you guys … and Peter!

Peter is stable … he needs help to do everything except breathe. He has become my inspiration for this New Year 2013, which we brought in the first day together! May we ALL be strong and try to limit our whining and complaining and embrace this New Year with passion, energy, love and peace.

Love always,

John I. Cook, Director

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