Happy Fiscal Cliff …. OR Happy New Year – 2013!!

Happy 2013Happy Monday, All!

If you are anything like me, you might have a few things swirling through your heart and heads this morning. From the wonderment surrounding the Fiscal Cliff to that of which New Year’s resolutions you will adopt, if any!

Today is the sixth day of Kwanzaa and the principle celebrated is “kuumba” which means creativity. Tomorrow, the 1st day of New Year 2013, the final principle is “imani”, which means faith. I am serious about beginning 2013 with a passion as I line up priorities including getting a plaque/headstone placed on my mother’s grave up in Valhalla, NY’s Kensico Cemetery where my dad, older sister and my grandmother are buried in a family plot. I also want to keep my gym membership going and using it as well. The third book is a “work in progress”, which got side-lined a bit after my motorcycle spill and organizing finances including back taxes from 1989 in New York.

Yet, there is enough ahead for me to move forward without procrastination this year. How about you?

Whatever you do, bring the New Year in right and keep me in mind if you encounter any circumstances, events or activities that you think Educational Excellence would be a great fit!

Happy New Year 2013!


John I. Cook, Director

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