Merry Christmas, Everybody!

merry christmasHappy Monday Morning of Christmas Eve, Y’all!

Here’s to hoping your weekends went well, because … there is more to come! What a wonder-filled time of year! Now, I know everybody doesn’t celebrate Christmas … but … I do … and I was raised like that as well. So, hopefully, I am not offending anyone with my Christmas wishes. I give my parents a lot of credit, plus, growing up in the Projects, we knew no fat white man with a beard and red suit on a sleigh full of toys drawn by reindeer was going to come down our chimney and drop gifts into each individual apartment on all 9 floors from one chimney! They never told us to believe that either!

But we did go to church on Christmas, usually as a family, and we listened to Christmas carols on the stereo at home sung by Nat King Cole, Mahalia Jackson and even one or two tunes popular by Dean Martin or one of the other “Rat Pack” members like Sammy Davis, Jr. What I got most from the Christmas message has become a source of spirituality. I mean, being a writer … more of facts and inspiration, myself … I do know there are and must have been before, some great “story-tellers”. The messages of these Christmas stories are important as sources of human understanding of good and evil, love and hope, peace and inspiration. So whatever you get out of Christmas other than expensive … or simple home-made gifts … be grateful!

This past Saturday, I had the pleasure of going to a grand opening of a new company of young folks here in Fort Lauderdale, FL called “PLUSH ILLUSIONS, LLC”. One of the young men involved was in a program some years back with the Urban League of Broward County, who, in turn, befriended me and introduced me to people like Ms. Patricia Lesesne, Director of the Program known here at the Public Schools as “Mentoring Tomorrow’s Leaders” … you may remember me participating in some of their programs upon invitation from Ms. Lesesne. The young man is Francois Luis, who now works in the Financial Aid department with Broward College, and, is the Executive Marketing Director for “PLUSH”. Their grand opening was Saturday on State Road 7 at the GOA Lounge/Plantation Inn there near Broward Blvd. The introductory presentation was well organized, power pointed and extremely informative. I had the pleasure of meeting the CEO, another young man full time employed with Broward County, Mr. Christopher J. Jean. If you would like to visit their website, go to:

Well, here’s to wishing you all a very Merry Christmas. I will wait for the New Year’s 2013 wishes because I have learned to take “one day at a time”!

Peace on Earth!

John I. Cook, Director

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