“Neither Here … Nor There …”

neither here norIt’s Hump Day again, All!

I pretty much am still feeling the “reeling” of last week’s event in Newtown, CT. I promise I will make this as short, sweet and to the point as I can. Just yesterday, a long time friend of mine, married with kids who live close to Newtown mentioned that she was going off of the social network because, like it was during the election campaign, the many many tasteless and self-serving remarks made about the Sandy Hook Elementary School Massacre had turned her off. It is interesting to me because I agree. We suddenly had a rash of posts on this popular social network about gun laws – the pros and cons; about journalism and how the writers had sensationalized “school massacres” and caused the attacker to do his insanity; as well as comments defending Asperger’s and those who may have autism and similar disorders. While there were many comments on the television and magazine news, as well as talk show – both day and late night, expressing sadness, support and “endless love”, it seemed that there were still a handful of folks who missed the mark … and … in my opinion, came out ” … neither here, nor there …”.

Have you ever seen the television show “Fringe”? It is very interesting as it presents the notion of alternate realities. Have you ever considered that idea? How does it sit with you, so to speak? Can you imagine that a person sitting right next to you may be having an experience that is very different from yours … or anyone else in the vicinity thereof, for that matter? Now, I don’t know what Adam Lanza was experiencing throughout his short life but whatever it was caused him to think that he could make those elementary school kids lives even shorter!!!! Whatever he was experiencing made him think that he could shoot his mother … in the head four times with the gun that she had taught him to use!!!! So whether an Asperger disorder sufferer should be allowed to learn how to shoot an assault rifle is neither here nor there. Oh, yeah … he could shoot it alright! He shot one defenseless 7 year old 11 times!!!!

It seems that now, after the massacre, more people are buying the SAME ASSAULT RIFLE in like a frenzy so that they can have one for … You can finish the statement. My heart is broken. There is nothing I would like to see more than that somehow, those innocent lives – educators and students – be held in high esteem by The Creator. Us humans are way off the mark and some of us still are not learning the lesson. We humans should help each other in times of need, and, in general. Television personality Anne Curry suggested that to combat the evil looming in the corners of some folks minds that each of us should try at least ONE act of kindness today to bestow upon our fellow human beings! Do you want to try that? I will … probably more than one … which is part of my life approach anyway. Join me, if you will!

Namaste and Peace,

John I. Cook, Director

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