Angel On My Shoulder

Happy “Hump Day”, All!

Did you ever experience a time in your life when you wondered how you got through a particular situation or how you circumvented some puzzling circumstances? If you are like most humans, and me, you have. There were some years ago when I felt there must’ve been some “super natural” forces working in my life. Now, I don’t advocate witchcraft though there was a time when I was pretty sure that someone close to me was trying to “put a spell” on me … true story! I survived “the spell”, created some distance between me and that person, and lived to tell the story. It is interesting because even this morning when I woke up to write this piece, it seemed that my computer wouldn’t log on, so, I touched a few keys and up came “Pandora”, the musical website that I was listening to last night before going to sleep.

Now, I wanted to write this so I was relieved to see that my internet connection was still okay. On came the song “Angel On My Shoulder” by Kaskade. Thusly, the title … The idea came to me last night as I watched the news stories of Rilya Williams’ foster mother’s trial. It was ten years ago that this child went “missing” and was no longer on the “radar” of DCF in Miami. Most people were outraged at the social worker who literally “dropped the ball” on follow up visits to the little girl’s foster home. I could never imagine hurting a helpless little girl the way the prosecution described the things this woman did to Rilya before she was killed, and her body still has not been found. The woman was denied a “mistrial” and as she serves time for a different offense, she is facing sentencing for Rilya’s death and disappearance.

Then, a brief story came on about how there was some additional information “found” (but was not released to the prosecution) regarding the daughter of Casey Anthony. On Casey’s computer, there was a “search” request for how to suffocate someone without being discovered! Now, I “google” a lot of stuff but I never … NEVER imagined there would be a step by step instruction manual of how to suffocate someone so as to not be detected. Casey is free, as determined by the jury since they felt they didn’t have enough evidence to convict her. Would this bit of evidence have made the difference? Who knows …

Where were the angels on these two little girls shoulders? I hope and pray that they carried them off from the misery and suffering that they were experiencing. As we approach the end of 2012 and anticipated the date of “12-12-2012” and what Mayan folklore holds, I look forward to a new year with new options and new hopes and dreams. A good friend of mine’s father passed a few days ago in New York whom I knew rather well, and, a co-worker’s mother passed just yesterday morning during the early hours in a nursing home in Boca Raton, FL. Peace be with them ALL, especially the expired ones, and may their spirits be lifted high by the “angel on their shoulders”.


John I. Cook, Director

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