Friends and Family

Good Monday morning, All!

Here’s to hoping your long Thanksgiving/American Indian Heritage Day weekends went well. Mine was pretty good … thanks to “friends & family”!

Last week on Monday, I was enjoying a couple of days off of work to get a few errands done after an anticipated restful weekend. As we at my job were expecting to get a pay check on Wednesday of last week since the office was to be closed on Friday, things changed. Change is good, but this time, it was a bit painful – no paycheck before Thanksgiving and a pay cut across the board for all employees. We were all pretty stunned and most of us had to reorganize things a bit to get through the normally festive Thanksgiving Weekend. Enter, “friends and family”!

Well, for me, I must extend a warm thank you to a few people who helped get me through this “change”. While my sister, my only remaining living sibling, went to the Dominican Republic with friends for Thanksgiving (which she totally deserved!), I went to spend Thanksgiving Day with my good friend’s family – The Zacharys! While Peter still struggles with ALS, his family welcomed me warmly to enjoy the days with them. I heartily and humbly accepted, and, since they know my heart, we had a fantastic time. Funds had gotten a bit short so between Peter’s son, Jordan, and another good friend, Solveig Kirker, and my writer/business “buddy”, Stokely Gittens, I was able to have enough for gas and the “unanticipated” expenses. As I had learned some years ago (and I still revisit that personality trait of “too proud to be poor” from time to time), when I need help, I ask for it … peace be still. This morning when I awoke and started getting things organized for the day, I looked at the picture/painting on my bedroom wall of “Black Jesus” given to me many years ago by a former student from Jamaica, Anieth Daley, and said whole heartedly … “Thank You”!

On Thanksgiving Day early morn, I had sent a text to my daughter, Ayanna Lynne, in Connecticut, as well as to my “adopted spiritual” daughter, Natasha Carriles, here in Florida and exchanged “Happy Thanksgivings” with a variety of friends whom I have recently made via Facebook as well as those long time friends that I have had the pleasure of meeting along this journey. If I missed giving you a personal “shout out”, here it is! And if you are at all like me, and I suspect there are some others out there, this season is the reason to be grateful for our “friends and family”, as well as our Creator.

Thank you … All!


John I. Cook, Director

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