Babies and Adults

Happy Monday, All!

Yes, I am taking a chance today and just wishing it for all who want it. Trust me, I know times are not easy for anyone. Yet, when you have an opportunity to enjoy some aspects of life, please take advantage of that … and share it with others when possible.

Today and tomorrow I am taking off as vacation days as the year comes to an end and the days either must be used, or one has to request reimbursement for the unused days. Now, my original plans included going to Orlando and connecting with a friend (former student) from White Plains as well as another good friend whom I lived with there when I worked for ACORN in Orlando and commuted between Ft. Lauderdale and Orlando for 6 months to complete an assignment with the community organization. We are still good friends – though I haven’t seen the young lady who now has a son of her own whom she is enjoying a vacation with at Disney! I remember doing this with my daughter, my mother, even an ex-wife and our mothers one Christmas. How nice, right?! Well, I have a lot of things on my plate and a plethora of money was NOT one, so …. I changed my plans and decided to enjoy some “me” time right here in Fort Lauderdale . . . peace be still.

As it appears that the conflict between Israel and the Palestinians continues to escalate, I have decided to be as close to as many friends that I have HERE in preparation for the Holy Day (Holiday) season. Thanksgiving is just a few days away and I will be spending it with my long time friend, Peter Zachary, and his family. My sister is traveling with some of her friends so being that it is just that two of us and her children who are all grown up now, I will join my “other” family. It seems my daughter will be close to her mother in Connecticut.

After a day with Peter, who is struggling tremendously with ALS now, I came home to relax and watch “60 Minutes”. There was a special on the behavior of children from birth and their ability to distinguish good from bad and make decisions based on skits with puppets and stuffed animals. A husband-wife team of psychologists have continued these experiments which has led to over turning some of Jean Jacques Rousseau’s theory of children being a “tabula rasa”, or a blank slate (blackboard) waiting to learn all appropriate behavior from their life experiences.

We humans go from being completely dependent on others to meet our basic needs, though apparently not as “unintelligent” as previously thought, to experiencing a journey of anywhere from 50 – 100 years until we again become completely dependent on others to meet our basic needs. Of course, the time line and manner of expiration varies from person to person, and, journey to journey. With so much going on, may we, who are able to, enjoy this Season of Holy Days, so to speak, with good friends and family, including babies and adults.

Have a great week!


John I. Cook, Director

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