Bombs Bursting In Air . . .

Happy Friday, All . . .

Can we say T.G.I.F.? …. or are we feeling the “tug of war” from the Middle East? There are a variety of things that I could think of saying but I guess “Oh my gosh!” might sum it up this morning. If only peace could be still …

I remember the song about this country with the lyrics ” … and bombs bursting in air …” and how it seems for hundreds of years perhaps, fighting has characterized the region known as the Middle East. So many stories and calculations of how it is anticipated that the next World War will come out of that area FIRST. Does it seem more likely now that the military leader of the Palestinian organization known as Hamas has been killed, according to reliable sources, within hours of receiving a “truce” agreement from Israel. Does anybody understand any of this? Each time I try to wrap my thoughts around such events, I get exhausted just trying to unravel how and when and where all of the unrest began … and it continues.

Well, I anticipate that President Obama will be required to make a statement regarding our country’s position amidst all of this turmoil and conflict. I am dreading it, especially as we approach our holiday seasons of first Thanksgiving followed a month later by Christmas. It seems pretty serious now amidst the terms of the purported truce which was accentuated by the bombings and the air strikes and the ultimate death of Hamas’s leader.

In taking a few steps back from this, I am planning to take a short trip to visit friends in Orlando this weekend and into the early days of next week. May we all here feel grateful that we do not have bombs bursting in air … yet … and hopefully can look forward to a Happy Holiday Season here on the shores of the U.S.A.


John I. Cook, Director

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