Happy Monday, All!

Yes, I think we made it through another weekend …. Hear, hear!!! I have found myself with all kinds of thoughts these past few weeks with the 2012 Election Campaigning nearly spinning out of control with the multiplicity of comments being made by one party about another and, many of us “regular earthlings”, so to speak, making all kinds of comments about candidates who were running for offices nationwide! Glad that is over! It is, however, the political process “amped up” a bit.

Today, we observe “Veteran’s Day” here in the USA though the actual day is November 11th. It is a time of year where we have an opportunity to say “Thank You” to the women and men who have served and are serving in the various branches of our country’s “Armed Forces”. As I sit here in my apartment looking out the window and listening to the sound of rain falling, I see a neighbor across the street run outside to get in his car with his child on his shoulder. It seems we often take for granted the moments of peace we have like these and many many others because our shores are protected by our military forces both home, and due to their presence abroad.

While I have never served in any of the Armed Forces, I do know people who have and even a son of a friend who is presently serving. The interesting part for me regarding Veteran’s Day is that no matter where you go – be it a local diner, a supermarket, a club or perhaps even church, our nation’s military is honored. It was Saturday night and I was at my usual “Club House” as we call it, Capone’s in Ft. Lauderdale. The club’s promoter, Brian, noticed that there were quite a few Marines at the club that night, both men and a woman, dressed in the decorative “red, white and blue” colors of our flag. So, he made a big announcement telling us that the reason we can have a dj and a club like this (and many many others) and experience the lifestyle that we do is because of our Marines and other armed forces. The club broke into a round of applause which included yelling and hollering for those Marines in the building! Also, yesterday in church, Pastor Chet who conducted the service while Pastor Bob visited other Calvary Chapels in our area, asked ALL those who have served in our Armed Forces as well as those with any affiliation to them – wives, husbands or children – to stand and receive our most appreciative applause.

A special shout out to my former coach Maurice Blake and my present friend who served in our nation’s Navy during World War II. Now, my recollection gets fuzzy from time to time, so, Coach Blake please shoot me an e-mail if any of my information about you is incorrect.

Have a great day, and, honor our Veterans!


John I. Cook, Director

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