Strong Winds May Blow ….

Happy Friday, All!

And, you guessed it, T.G.I.F.!

Today is a special day for me because it marks the 7th Anniversary of my mother’s passing: Marietta Dolores Cook, may you Rest In Peace … Peace be still …

Her passing was inspired by Hurricane Wilma’s category 5 winds. She was like a tree that stood firm for 88 years on the planet Earth. She stood firm as the only wife of my father – Isaac Henry Cook who passed away in 1989, and, they were married 50 years before his passing. My night table remains a shrine of sorts for “Mary” as there I have pictures of her and my daughter Ayanna Lynne as well as my father. One picture on my computer desk is of her before she had her four children and was at a photography studio in Harlem, NY just after World War II. Have I dated myself enough yet? You guessed it, I am the youngest son and child of Ike and Mary and do my best each day to hold the values they taught me high – honesty and truth, simplicity and hard work, and a willingness to share and work with others.

In many ways, I liken President Barack Obama to my Mom who stood firm when the winds blew against them. As Obama assumes his second and final presidency here in the U.S.A., his wife and daughters as well as his extended family should hold their heads high to be affiliated with such a person who has needless to say, made history and left his mark as the first official African American president of the United States of America to hold office … two times in a row. May the forces of peace, love, power and honesty guide him through this next administration.

How do you plan to leave your mark on society? I quietly dedicate a few warm thoughts to my college buddy, Lee Blair, and his sons for the loss and departure of Toni, Lee’s wife, who recently passed away. I mean, these people we know and love should NOT die in vain. May we keep the thoughts of their lives with us and follow in their footsteps …. and …. ” be the best that we can be”!

“Storm clouds may rise, strong winds may blow; But I’ll tell the world … that He is sweet … I know!”


John I. Cook, Director

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