Close Call!

Happy Hump Day, All!

Well, it is a good day for Obama supporters, and, hopefully, not too difficult a day for the non-supporters of the President! One thing that playing organized sports taught me is to NOT be a sore loser. In other words, in such competitions, somebody’s got to win … and somebody’s got to lose. Be gracious in whichever position you find yourself. It requires a certain amount of etiquette and class, style and training.

All of the negativity heaped upon the President’s proposals to get the nation out of an apparent recession which he inherited with the office should stop for a while. As the call has always been, the two parties MUST learn to work together in order to make this country a “better place”. Same sex marriage has been voted upon and approved in two states as well as recreational use of marijuana in two others. May we handle our “progress” carefully.

I can only and simply say that I was on the edge of my bed as I watched the results on my small screen in the bedroom. While I do not use Educational Excellence as a vehicle for political (Democrat vs. Republican) purposes, it may be clear which approach to governing I prefer. I recall one of my father’s pet peeves – no lying – and found it very difficult to fathom why a grown man would stand up in front of a nation, the world even, and tell a blatant lie that could easily be verified. Another issue I had with the campaigning was the blatant disrespect of “others” who had obviously worked hard to get “where they are” in life against tremendous odds.

I ask that we all place our support behind the President of the United States of America and embrace his proposed philosophy of “FORWARD”!


John I. Cook, Director

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