Worrying and Caring …

Happy Friday, All!

As if you didn’t already know, T.G.I.F.! …. and I mean that!

How’s has your week been? Full of twists and turns, perhaps? Or maybe just “smooth sailing”? Learning how to handle “life” and its inevitables is not only a talent, a skill but is also a gift. Sometimes, I have to pray and meditate, do yoga, sit by the ocean or stay home listening to music, often cooking or eating … just to keep a balanced approach to “life” on its own terms. I have also been affiliated with “12 Step Programs” in the past, which are support groups for serious minded individuals to come together and share their “strength, hope and experience” with each other.

Several things in my own life bring this to mind. The first is the incredible damage and aftermath “clean up” from Hurricane Sandy. When it passed through Florida after leaving the Caribbean, we all felt a sigh of relief. Then, the course indicated a direct hit to New York City and the outlying area near the “Big Apple”! From Washington, D.C. on up to New England, out west in West Virginia and geography in that general area got warnings to hunker down and prepare for the worst hurricane to hit the North East in 100 years! Even I had my doubts … foolishly so … but I didn’t imagine the damage would be so intense.

Okay, so I lost my wallet on Halloween night for like the second or third time this year. I started to worry … then care … then I turned on the television news and saw a four year old little girl from Colorado in tears because she was tired of “Bronco Bamma and Mitt Romney” always appearing on television ads airing their perceived hostilities. At first, it was “cute”. Then, I remembered times when I had felt exactly the same way, as her mother tried to tell her that it will all be over soon. So, I stopped worrying so much … about how much time and money it will take to replace the contents of my wallet.

A close college chum of mine lost someone very dear to he and his family …. both nuclear and extended. It was unexpected and I hadn’t any idea of what to say once a former college room mate informed me of our common friend’s loss. I sat still for a moment and went on a reminiscing journey to just three or four months ago when they were here together and invited me out to dinner one night on Las Olas Blvd. here in Ft. Lauderdale. I could see her face shining and beaming with joy as we ate and chatted incessantly, hardly breathing since we were having such a great time and laughing like kids … Om shanti

After visiting a few posts on Facebook and finding one comment by a former student from White Plains, Mr. P.J. O’Hanlon, which addresses how worrying should be moderated into caring rather than allowing an occurrence to have debilitating effects on one, I turned on the tv news again and saw an image I found terribly touching. It was an elderly woman in the New Jersey area who had come back to her home after the hurricane – nick named “Frankenstorm” or “Super Storm Sandy” – had hit … and saw only rubble – nothing protruded from the ground from her once two or three floor home. She reached down, picked up a piece of a broken plate and held it close to her heart and began to cry and said “thank you”, still clutching the plate fragment … Peace be still ….

So, take what you need from this, but look at it carefully please. I am still “a work in progress” … what about you all? Bear with me while I turn to look out and “kiss the sky”, and tell you why … I love you!


John I. Cook, Director

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