Happy Halloween, Y’all!

Happy Hump Day!

Yes, it is not only the middle of the week aka “Hump Day”, it is Halloween aka “All Hallow’s Eve”! The moon is eerily full-like though apparently waning … Is it enough to make you wanna go “Boooooo!”? … or is it just another night? May those who seek refuge, comfort and help in the clean up from Hurricane Sandy which left South Florida just last weekend, which has earned the nickname “Frankenstorm” in the North Eastern states be successful and at peace ….

However you look at it, there is a lot going on. Just remember … it is another day in “your life” …. so precious, I might add. I often tip my hat and show my true colors to friends who have been so wonderful in making my journey a comfortable one. It seems that the richness of my life is just beginning to make itself known to me as I live each day as best I can. I am in close contact with friends who’ve lost loved ones, with friends who have experienced major surgeries of various types and are in recovery as well as a dear friend who struggles day by day with the horrific Lou Gehrig’s Disease aka “ALS”. Can I ask for more? I do . . . I ask their Creator to be merciful to them, give them comfort and peace when our mere human hands and hearts fall short. I ask that we each remember our friends and keep them in our well wishes, our thoughts … even our prayers! Amen …

Just last night, I had the pleasure of hooking up with my former room mate from Princeton University, Armond “Doc” Hill, assistant coach for the Boston Celtics. Last year makes the first time we’d connected since I graduated in 1976 from PU. We were also team mates freshman year on the Tiger’s Freshman Men’s Basketball Team in 1972-3. So, Armond set aside a couple of tickets for me to attend the opening game for the Miami HEAT in their bout against arch rival’s, The Boston Celtics. It was a great game, often “nip and tuck”, until the last couple of minutes! I still “Love This Game” … and I loved seeing Armond, too. My good friend’s son, Jordan Zachary, accompanied me to the game, and, we had a blast, getting to chit chat with Armond after a tough game that, in his words, ” … [he] hated to lose … “. Somebody’s got to win, and somebody’s got to lose in these competitions. He was in fairly good spirits and we had our second annual opening season game “pow wow”, so to speak. I thank him deeply.

In closing, I send out a special prayer to another dear friend from my Princeton Days, as well as his family. They are going through some extremely difficult times. I love you guys … so much … peace be with you.

So, in celebrating your Halloween with kids “trick o’ treating” and possibly some of you joining them in fun and frolic, as I did this past weekend, remember those warm souls we have been fortunate enough to meet along this journey, and, reach out to those we are still able to demonstrate basic human values of love, peace and happiness with.

Have a great Hump Day, and, a wonderful Halloween!


John I. CookRed rose, Director

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