Things That Go “BUMP” In The Night!!!

Happy Friday, All!

And for me, hopefully for you, T.G.I.F.!

Here’s to having had a productive week, and, wishing you a wonderful, safe and festive weekend. Of course, it will be an interesting one since Halloween parties will be undoubtedly held for many as Halloween falls on a weekday. I have always been one to acknowledge “All Saints Day” on November 1st, the holy day for the return of all of the restless “spirits of the dead” to their graves, according to folklore. Peace be still …

Yet, many things come to mind on a day like today with Hurricane Sandy having left its impact on me and SoFlo as I awoke very early to howling winds, steady rain, and …. yes …. things going bump in the night! As the year comes closer to an end with November just days away, and probably one of the biggest elections of our times coming up also in just a few days, I tend to evaluate where I stand with my goals in life. Tall order, right? But somebody’s got to do it, so, I choose ME! I have had to be careful not to put “too many things on my plate” and very selective as to what goes on there so my priorities don’t “fall off” and go “bump in the night”. I continue to clamor for ways to accomplish goals, and, plan to listen in on Mr. Jerome Tucker’s program today called “3rd Eye Open”. He will have a gentleman who has developed programs for “at risk” youth across the nation and is running for office of Washington DC’s council seat at D-Ward 7 as a Republican. Visit Mr. Tucker at: for a stimulating format of blog talk radio. His program airs every Friday from 1pm – 4pm EST.

So, as we approach the weekend, I anticipate that we will be celebrating safely, and, that we keep ourselves aware of the potentially dangerous situations so things don’t get out of hand for ANYONE … especially the children. I would again like to thank each of you for reading with me, and, passing me on to others who may be interested in my topics or services, as well as my approach to a spiritual existence. Happy Halloween …. and definitely definitely GO VOTE!


John I. Cook, Director

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